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The Met Office issues a scorching temperature of 23 ° C with heat waves

Japan Meteorological Agency With “a lot of sunlight” along the way, the British confirmed that they could see the highest of 23C in the next few days.

Thermometers soar this weekend, and weather maps show that the ground temperature will rise until the mid-20s the next day.

Jim Dale, British Meteorologist weather The service states: “It gets a little cooler for the weekends and hot weather on the weekends.

“The peak of this mini heat wave that occurs later in the weekend should be until Tuesday or Wednesday.

“It is driven by the warm air that is drawn into the country from the continent around the Azores high pressure system.”

A fiery five-day heat wave is set to ignite this weekend (stock photo)

This happens as the North African blast heads towards Brighty. This could also lead to record high temperatures in May.

Aidan McGivern, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said:

“High pressures occur in the UK and sunny days continue in most of the country. Then this high pressure begins to inhale warmer air. This is a sign of next week.”

This summer is in the midst of early predictions that it could be one of the hottest on record.

Weather maps show warmer temperatures on the horizon

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According to some independent predictThe UK could enter the heat wave firing line five times in the next four months.

A meteorologist at the Met Office of the United Kingdom said:

“During this period, the temperature can be quite warm or very warm. Perhaps it will be locally hot in the south and southeast.”

In some parts of the UK, temperatures are in their twenties (stock photo)

From May 15th to May 25th, meteorologists believe that mercury will continue to bring warm conditions.

Nick Finis, a forecaster for Netweather, said:

“Peak temperatures can be Wednesday and Thursday, but with warmth the humidity can rise, which can lead to instability and the risk of thunderstorms spreading north.”

The Met Office issues a scorching temperature of 23 ° C with heat waves

Source link The Met Office issues a scorching temperature of 23 ° C with heat waves

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