The Most Unbelievable Records in Football History

Football is an exciting sport, riddled with fun moments. However, it can also stir great controversy, especially when the match officials get a few facts wrong or misjudge a situation. Such missteps and fun moments have helped the game collect a whole list of bizarre records. Many of these records have been etched over the sport’s almost 150 years of existence. Here is a look at the most unbelievable football facts Guinness World Records have noted.

The Most Red Cards Brandished in a Single Match

The game can get physical, especially when emotions run wild or when stakes are high. However, only a handful of players get sent off in most situations, even in the most physical of these interactions. Despite the modest reach of emotions, one referee set a Guinness World Record in 2011 for the most dismissals in a single game.

Damian Rubino flashed 36 red cards in a game between Victoriano Arenas and Claypole, teams playing in the fifth tier of the Argentinean league system.

Rubino dismissed two players in the first half following minor altercations. In the second half, however, the match descended into complete chaos, with strange tackles and stand-offs. That boiled over into mass brawls involving both benches and some fans. The referee proceeded to send off all the players, some substitutes, and the coaches.

The Most Goals Scored in Senior Football

As far as the Guinness World Records go, the record for the most goals scored against an opponent remained steadfast for more than a century. The previous record, Arbroath’s 36-0 thumping of Born Accord in 1885, was broken only 20 years ago.

AS Adema, the 2002 Malagasy league champions, put 149 past their opponents, Stade Olympique L’Emyrne. AS Adema’s opponents scored all the goals themselves. There were protests about poor officiating, but that is a lot of own goals!

The Fastest Hat Trick

Ross County FC’s Tommy Ross booked a place in the world records on November 28, 1964. He put three goals past the Nairn County FC goalkeeper in just 90 seconds. The forward – whose record remains unshattered to date – also enjoyed a rewarding career with Wigan Athletic, York City FC, and Peterborough United.

Most Goals by a Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper’s position in a game hardly gives him adequate chances to score. But Rogério Ceni, who played for São Paulo FC, which he currently manages, scored a whopping 131 goals in 1,250 appearances for Tricolor Paulista.

The Largest Goal Haul in a Season

Lionel Messi is a phenomenon. He had a stellar tenure in Barcelona, where he made history. Of all the seasons he spent at the Catalan club, 2011/12 is easily his best. He scored 73 goals, which gives him the world record for the highest number of goals scored by a player in a regular season.

The Fastest “Perfect” Champions League Hat Trick

A perfect hat trick refers to a scenario where a player scores with both legs and the head. Mike Newell achieved this feat in 1995 in the Champions League while playing for Blackburn Rovers in their game against Rosenborg.

The Englishman needed just nine minutes to do his magic. Despite this haul coming 28 years ago, he holds the record for the quickest perfect hat trick in a UEFA game.

The Most Fans at a Football Game

Brazil and Uruguay met in 1950 for the World Cup. The game happened at the height of the footballing rivalry between the two nations. This match was a fan magnet, attracting 210,000 fans.

This remains the most attended football match to date. Stadium administrators reported 173,850 ticket sales. However, the number of fans who showed up far outstripped the number of tickets sold.

Derby County’s Dismal Premier League Showing

The English Premier League is a harsh competition. However, all teams that make it through the season give decent performances. Derby County’s poor performance during the 2007/08 season, however,  remains engraved in history.

The Rams managed just one win (against Newcastle United) and eight draws. They lost 29 of the 38 games and collected a paltry 11 points for their troubles. Their performance during the 2007/08 season is the poorest record in the Premier League.

The Oldest Professional Player

When Yokohama FC renewed Kazuyoshi Miura’s contract in November 2015, nobody thought he would last more than a couple more years in professional football as he was already 48 years old.

But the Japanese striker is still going strong, and holds the world record as the oldest professional player at 54 years. His stats are impressive. Not entirely by Champions League standards, but impressive either way.

He now plies his trade with Suzuki Point Getters after his former club was relegated to the J2 League. Yasutoshi Miura, his older brother, coaches his current team.

Just Fontaine or Just Fortunate?

Six or seven is the number of goals you need to aim at during the FIFA World Cup if you want to contend for the Golden Boots award. But that number is child’s play by 1958 standards. French striker Just Fontaine had to score 13 goals to emerge as the tournament’s best scorer.

The goals tally also got him a Guinness World Record as the player to have scored the most goals in a World Cup tournament.

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