The new BMW XM is an M-only, 740bhp hybrid SUV.

The Megapowered Concept is the first custom-made M model since the M1 and the first hybrid vehicle in the category.

BMW’s M division will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022 and will only announce the second custom model in history, the XM.

This show car, carefully previewed by Concept XM, is a large SUV BMW M’s first electric model with a high-performance 740bhp plug-in hybrid powertrain built around the famous 4.4-liter gasoline V8.

In positioning, the XM sits on top of the BMW range and target model. Audi RSQ8, Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo SE-Hybrid When Range Rover Sport SVR..

Derived from BMW X7According to BMW’s traditional naming convention, it is effectively X8. This gives an even name to the more flashy and coupe-style version of the SUV. However, the XM will only be sold as an M car. This is the first and only BMW to claim its exclusivity since the original M1 supercar in 1978.

Fully bespoke styling, drivetrain hardware and technology are used to further justify its creation and placement.And it’s far away in its styling from the model on which it is based X4 When X6..

Concept XM made its public debut in Miami, Florida. This is important because the United States will be the largest market for production vehicles. However, sales in the UK are likely to take place by the summer of 2023. Production of the model will begin in Spartanberg, South Carolina. This is BMW’s largest factory in the world and home to SUVs. It will start in the second half of 2022.

The Concept XM’s PHEV powertrain is one of many features that make little change to the production vehicle. BMW hasn’t given much specific information, but at the heart of it is its twin-turbocharged V8 engine. It is mounted inside an 8-speed automatic gearbox, following BMW’s convention, and works with a single high-performance electric motor that is expected to drive all four wheels.

Batteries with capacities over 20kWh promise up to 50 miles of electricity only. The total output of the system is rated at 740bhp and 734lbft, making it the most powerful BMW road car ever.Gasoline type M5 CS He is currently wearing that crown, but is beaten by XM to 114bhp.

This is already another M model, probably the next generation version, according to the recently returning BMW M boss Frank van Meel. X5 M, X6 M, M5 When M8, Currently all are using V8. To that end, he calls Concept XM the first approach to “gradual electrification of our brand.”

Another notable feature of Production XM is its position as a luxury SUV as well as a sporty SUV. Van Meel said M car owners were looking for more luxury to match their performance. This is the first example of that new strategy being brought into production.

In fact, BMW design boss Domagoji Dukec described the model as “a luxury statement by BMW M at the heart of the luxury segment.” The focus of its extravagant interior is demonstrated through a richer selection of materials, including vintage brown leather in the front of the cabin, teal diamond velvet in the rear seats, and copper and carbon fiber trim elements. The front and rear materials are deliberately contrasting, emphasizing the front as a sportier and driver-focused area and the rear as a more luxurious “M lounge.”

Concept XM brings a new, distinctive and angled look to the M subbrand. At the front, a heavily redesigned kidney grille is surrounded by LEDs, the headlights are split, a slim LED strip at the top, and a main / dip beam light at the bottom.

The concept uses a new two-tone paint finish. The lower section of the space gray is separated from the matt gold bronze upper by a glossy “black belt”. This belt rises backwards and creates a very fast profile of the window shape to match the falling roofline.

The rear treatment is even more dramatic. Features include a slim L-shaped LED taillight that is black when unlit, and a twin set of vertically stacked hexagonal exhaust pipes (fully functional and “emotional rich” sound. (Courtesy), vast diffuser, BMW Roundel includes M1 as a reference, etched into the rear window.

Although the dimensions of the concept are not shared, the production car may already offer 7 seats, reflecting BMW’s largest car, the X7, 5151mm long and 1990mm wide.

We know the concept is on a large 23-inch alloy wheel, but no other chassis specifications have been revealed. However, the X7 is backed by a double wishbone front suspension with electronically controlled damping and air springs and a 5-link rear suspension setup. Rear wheel steering will also be installed when the production XM is released.

Q & A: BMW M Chairman Frank Van Mir

Is this shift to luxury a new approach for the M division?

“Customer feedback is that customers love our cars but want more expressive luxury. That’s what we did here. That’s M’s next step. It’s an expressive luxury. ”

How close is Concept XM to production?

“It’s hard to say exactly. It’s actually over 90%, but many features, such as darkened license plates, can’t be homologated, so there’s a lot of detail changes, so these things Approaches in a different way. ”

Why is it a hybrid?

“We have stated that all models will use electricity for the last decade. The i4 and iX already have M Performance, which is the first high-performance electric M.”

Is this the last hurray of the V8?

“Our customers still have a great demand for V8, so I won’t say that. So we’re not going to keep them out. But by electrifying V8, we can make V8 longer. You can put it on the market. ”

Why isn’t it a full EV?

“There are still many markets where electricity is not fully available. And in high-performance cars, we need to further promote electrical technology. And only Porsche Taycan did it. The United States is our biggest. It’s a market, the feedback from them is not to use electricity, and they wanted to keep the V8.

“Sales of the M in the U.S. in 2019 were the strongest ever with great demand for the X5M and X6M, so this is a vote from customers to go in that direction and push the V8 to the hybrid. Hybridization is a big step, but customers expect it. “

The new BMW XM is an M-only, 740bhp hybrid SUV.

Source link The new BMW XM is an M-only, 740bhp hybrid SUV.

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