The new Zoomo One Delivery e-Bike aims to “end the petrol moped”

Australian person Electric bicycle Startup Zoomo has announced the first functional prototype of the new One, developed specifically for delivery riders.

To arrive in the UK next year Zoomo One Developed specifically for last mile services such as food delivery. Together with the company’s boss, Mina Nada, Zoomo claims that the machine is “the end of the petrol moped.”

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The Zoomo One has a loading capacity of 60kg and is equipped with a rear storage unit that can store 40kg for a 20kg front race. The company claims that it has a flexible mount that allows you to attach a variety of shipping boxes and provides the same carrying capacity as a moped.

In addition, because it was developed with an emphasis on durability, it can handle wear that is easily worn by delivery bikes. This includes double suspension, 24-inch wheels, and tires designed to withstand punctures. The bike is also equipped with many safety features such as LED lighting, indicators and rear brake lights. There are also mirrors, horns, and an integrated GPS system that provides real-time position tracking and fleet management.

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Power comes from a 1kWh replaceable battery-set to follow a larger battery version.To meet British rules for pedal-assisted electric bicyclesIn the UK, the Zoomo One only provides an electric boost at speeds up to 15.5mph, but in markets such as the US this is set to 28mph.

Zoomo One costs around £ 3000 when sold in the UK, excluding VAT, and software, services, and funding prices vary by fleet size.

The new Zoomo One Delivery e-Bike aims to “end the petrol moped”

Source link The new Zoomo One Delivery e-Bike aims to “end the petrol moped”

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