The “nightmare” situation when Vanessa Felts arrives at work at 4 am and 24 hours early

Display icon Vanessa Felts She happened to arrive at work 24 hours early and realized on Sunday that she was suffering from the worst nightmares of all celebrities.

The veteran presenter was scheduled to appear on BBC Radio 2 for the morning show, but arrived immediately at the building around 3:50 am, but the location was completely unmanned.

It was only then that Vanessa noticed her rant after making an emergency call to find out what was happening. She arrived on the wrong day and was there a day earlier than necessary.

Vanessa shared the story on Instagram and had fans see her clinge-worthy mistakes first hand, but when the first shock disappeared, thankfully she was able to see the interesting side.

Vanessa Felts shared a story about her “nightmare” situation on Instagram

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Vanessa begins the story, looking at an empty office, saying: I just arrived at Radio 2, but no one is here. It’s completely empty. Now it’s 4 to 4 minutes. My shift starts at 4 o’clock. “

Obviously confused and a little panicked, the star went on to explain how to call the production company’s emergency number to find out what was happening.

She said, “I called the production company’s emergency number.’Nobody here, nobody here, the place is completely empty,'” the gentleman said, “What day is it today?” Is it? “

Looking back at the story, Vanessa explained that she had only come across the tragic words “No, no, Sunday” on Monday morning.

After finishing her story, Vanessa then said: “In other words, I can and should sleep in bed.”

Vanessa Feltz tested positive for covid shortly after filming in Dis Morning's studio
Vanessa said she should have slept in bed

Following an interesting but unfortunate anecdote, some stars sympathize with Vanessa as she confessed that she had done the same thing in the past, hoping for some very necessary rest. I went in a hurry for.

Untheater “No, I did the same. I went to bed at 9 pm because of the 4 am GMTV alarm. I heard it, got up, jumped into the shower, blew my dry hair, got dressed, Looking at the clock, I dreamed of an alarm clock, it was only 11 pm. I hope you went back to sleep. “

Lizzie Kandy I also added the following: Go back to bed and have a drink. ”

in the meantime Saracox Comment: “No no no no, I can’t believe this lover !!!!”

But that wasn’t all bad news. Kate Botry even added her tongue to her cheek quip.

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The "nightmare" situation when Vanessa Felts arrives at work at 4 am and 24 hours early

Source link The "nightmare" situation when Vanessa Felts arrives at work at 4 am and 24 hours early

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