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The original summer on Coronation Street is amazing

former Coronation Street Star Matilda Freeman surprised fans with a dramatic hair makeover.

The actress who played the Summer Spellman character on the cobblestones until 2020 usually sports long blonde curls.

However, she revealed to fans on Instagram that she is now redhead.

Matilda, 17, dressed in a white top and a floating skirt, presented a new look with a snap facing the other side of the camera.

Her hair was red, cascading over her shoulders and down her back with stunning curls.

“Officially (fake) redhead,” she captioned the shot.

The actress has a bold new look

Fans were dazzled by Matilda’s stunning new actions.

“Oops, it looks very pretty !!” One wrote in the comments, but another fan said they were “obsessed.”

“You look like a princess overlooking your hometown in Game of Thrones,” someone else said.

“I literally love you,” another person spewed out.

Matilda Freeman
Matilda is usually blonde

Many have said that the stars really match the colors.

“Oh my god, you’re an angel,” said one.

Another person wrote: “You are absolutely beautiful Matilda. I love your hair. You look great in red.”

Matilda did not reveal whether red was just a new image or whether she changed her hair specifically for something.

“Nice color, are you doing it for the new role you have?” Asked one of her followers.

The actress joined Collie in 2017, but she left three years later and Harriet Bibby took over the role of summer.

Matilda Freeman
The star played summer in Collie

Matilda later talked about escaping from the cobblestones in an Instagram Q & A and told fans he wanted to try something else.

Since then, she has appeared in TV series such as The Power and Alma’s Not Normal.

The star opened up about her sexuality last year and told Instagram fans that she was bisexual.

Matilda describes her reaction to her announcement as follows:

“I didn’t really expect it, and it means an absolute world, you guys are amazing. I love you all.”

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The original summer on Coronation Street is amazing

Source link The original summer on Coronation Street is amazing

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