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The “party gate scandal” has hurt the mental health of the people, Starmer says he is presenting an NHS reform plan.

According to Sir Keir Starmer, the controversy over the “party gate scandal” in Downing Street has undermined the country’s mental health.

Labor leaders claimed when he explained how the NHS would work if his party succeeded in the next election.

At a Fabian Society meeting in London, he said during the coronavirus pandemic, young people were particularly hit by mental health problems.

As part of his vision for the NHS, he promised that the Labor government would set up mental health care facilities for young people in all communities and provide professional support at schools.

After asking about policy after the speech, Sir Kiel said exposure to coronavirus rule violations in Downing Street exacerbated the problems people face with mental health.

He states: “By the way, in search of better words, a party gate scandal … what happened in the last few weeks has revealed that the majority of British people are following government law, the government and the prime minister are downing. I was having a party in the city.

“I think this has increased mental health stress, because many people are asking themselves why I did it while they were doing what they were doing now.” is.

“So, before the pandemic, I think there were mental health problems that worsened during the pandemic in a much larger way than we actually understood, especially in young people.

“And I think the past few weeks related to party gates have made things worse.”

In a speech on Saturday, opposition leaders promised that the Labor administration would ensure that people in need of mental health treatment would be seen “within a month.”

“We plan to hire more than 8,500 mental health professionals each year to support more than one million people,” he added.

“Every school has professional support and every community has an open access mental health hub for young people.”

Sir Kiel says he will work on mental health

He accused the Prime Minister of being “too obsessed with defending his rule violations” to turn NHS’s fate around, and medical services focused more on people’s illness prevention and care. Called for the adoption of a “home first” policy.

“We have to devise new ways of care to help our long-term condition. We need to think about mental and physical health. In the first place,” he told the conference. ..

Former prosecutor general accused conservatives of “confusing” the NHS.

He states: “The first task of the Labor administration is to wipe out the turmoil that the Tories have brought to the NHS.

“The last Labor government reduced waiting times from 18 months to 18 weeks. We need to do the same again.”

He vowed that Labor would “start by investing properly to remove the waiting list, hiring, training, and decisively maintaining the necessary staff.”

Sir Kiel talked about his “anger” towards the NHS state, saying the party “values ​​happiness as much as the economic outcomes of the people.”

He added that the Clean Air Act would also be introduced to tackle the “silent killer” of air pollution.

The Shadow Cabinet will take a “totally different approach” to funding social care and reducing the NHS backlog, unlike the government’s plan to raise national insurance in April. He said he has a five-point plan for transforming sick care.

Shadow Health Minister Wes Streeting will begin planning to live with Covid in the next few days, Sir Kiel said.

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The "party gate scandal" has hurt the mental health of the people, Starmer says he is presenting an NHS reform plan.

Source link The "party gate scandal" has hurt the mental health of the people, Starmer says he is presenting an NHS reform plan.

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