The police I met are seeking a judicial review of the reinstatement of a senior black police officer | Metropolitan Police Department

NS Metropolitan Police Department I want to go to the High Court to claim that the decision to dismiss a decorated black officer is correct after she was found in a video of child abuse sent to her on her phone on WhatsApp.

Supt Robyn Williams was dismissed in 2020 and revived in June after being convicted of possessing an image of child abuse sent to her unsolicited chat group.

The conviction led to her dismissal from Met at a disciplinary hearing chaired by Met’s senior police officer, despite many police plea.

In June, the Police Court of Appeals (PAT) overturned Met’s decision and acted unfairly, saying Williams was able to return to work. During her 36-year career, Williams was decorated and became one of Britain’s finest African-African female officers.

Williams was praised for her work after the 2017 Grenfell Fire, which broke relations between traumatic communities and authorities. She campaigned for more women in the police and won the Queen’s police medal.

In a statement, the Metropolitan Museum of Art said it would like to seek a judicial review of the decision to put down William’s dismissal with PAT. Britain’s largest unit said it would like to challenge the reinstatement of another police officer ordered by the PAT after the criminal conviction, but details of the case have not been released.

Williams and an unnamed officer remain in Met while the proceedings pass the court.

Explaining the action and decision to spend tens of thousands of pounds on legal objections, Met said public confidence could be at stake, adding: Police at a hearing in a special case after a criminal conviction.

“At the special case hearing, the conviction was considered a serious offense and police officers should be dismissed. In both cases, the PAT disagreed with these findings. Replaced the dismissal of officers with a final written warning.

“In both cases, Met believes that PAT was unable to adequately assess the seriousness of the conviction. The Metropolitan Museum of Art also has the obligation to return to work as a result of PAT’s decision, as well as the review process and potential. I found that I was in conflict with. “

According to the guidance of the University of Police, the military has discretion in what sanctions to take against police officers convicted of criminal offenses or police officers who have received criminal attention.

The incident began in February 2018 after Williams received a WhatsApp message from her sister, including a video of a girl being abused. My sister was indignant and wanted the police to hunt down the criminal.

She claims that Williams never played the video and didn’t know it was on his phone and therefore owned by him. However, the jury convicted her after the prosecution said she did not report it because Williams was afraid to annoy her sister. They pointed out the fact that the sisters spent most of the day together before the video got police attention, and said it must have been discussed by the two.

Williams was sentenced to 200 hours of community service and placed on the sex offender registration, despite a judge who admitted that she was not dangerous to her child.

Her sister sent an abuse video to a group of 17 WhatsApp, one of whom reported to the police. Williams was the only one in a group of 17 to be tried.

She had previously lost an attempt to overturn a criminal conviction in the Court of Appeals.

black police The association said Met’s treatment of Williams was an example of institutional racism. Others felt that Williams was lying about something relatively trivial and that if she told the truth, she would have escaped accusations and convictions.

The police I met are seeking a judicial review of the reinstatement of a senior black police officer | Metropolitan Police Department

Source link The police I met are seeking a judicial review of the reinstatement of a senior black police officer | Metropolitan Police Department

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