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The prime minister “can’t lead” following the party’s accusations, Starmer says

Labor allegations of violations of the rules surrounding the Prime Minister and Downing Street have left Boris Johnson “unleadable,” Labor Party leaders say.

Sir Kiel Starmer is preparing to accuse conservatives of running out of medical services in a speech at a Fabian Society meeting, and the Prime Minister has “to defend his rule violations” to turn it around. I’m crazy about it. “

Faced with a Tory call for resignation after admitting that Johnson had attended a “bring your own drink” event in Garden 10 during the first coronavirus blockade in May 2020. One week later.

The rally, which the Prime Minister told the Commons that he understood it to be a “working event,” and many other allegations of breach of the blockade rules in the government are now being investigated by senior civil servant Sue Gray.

Today (Saturday), Sir Kiel plans to launch his “personal crusade” for NHS reform, accusing the subsequent Tory-led government of putting medical services in a “crisis situation.” is doing.

Sir Kiel said:

“We are witnessing the broken sight of the Prime Minister being deceived and deceived and unable to lead.

“When we resigned 12 years ago, the Conservatives inherited a strong NHS. Waiting times were the shortest on record. Today, the NHS’s waiting list is the highest since the record began.

“And it’s not enough to blame Covid for all this. This turmoil has been going on for a long time.

“This government has to take responsibility. Why did the NHS itself reach this point in crisis?”

Opposition leaders used conference speeches to explain his vision of a “contract for better health” to provide people with “safety, prosperity and respect for them” under the Labor administration. increase.

According to party officials, these changes include ensuring “a little less for the system and more for the patient,” and medical care is heading towards prevention to reflect Britain’s “old society.” increase.

Sir Kiel is committed to mental health and promises that the next Labor government will take mental health as seriously as physical health and guarantee mental health support within a month.

He is expected to add: “It’s clear that the NHS needs more money, but that’s not all. When we were in government, we started reforming the NHS, which made it more patient-oriented. And responded to the needs of the times.

“The reform process is stalled because the government doesn’t care if the NHS is late. Boris Johnson is obsessed with defending his rule violations.”

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The prime minister "can't lead" following the party's accusations, Starmer says

Source link The prime minister "can't lead" following the party's accusations, Starmer says

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