The Queen spent the night in the hospital after being told to rest in health concerns

The Queen was taken to Edward VII’s hospital for an expert “preliminary investigation” (Photo: Getty Images).

NS Queen Buckingham Palace has revealed that it has stayed overnight at the hospital this week after receiving medical advice to rest.

The news came after a 95-year-old monarch was forced to cancel his trip to Northern Ireland to attend a service commemorating the 100th anniversary of Northern Ireland.

According to the palace, on Wednesday (October 20), the 95-year-old monarch was taken to King Edward VII’s Hospital in central London for an expert “preliminary investigation.”

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According to another source, the visit was intended to last for a short period of time, but the Queen ended up spending the night for “practical reasons.”

How about the queen?

The Queen’s health was first questioned last week when she was seen using a wand in a worship service at Westminster Abbey. This was the first time she used a wand at a major event.

Despite her overnight stay, the monarch was said to be “healthy” by a spokesman at Buckingham Palace.

She was said to have returned to Windsor Castle at lunchtime on Thursday (October 21st), did some light work by the afternoon, and returned to her desk.

Hospital visits are understood to be unrelated to the coronavirus.

This is the monarch’s hospitalization overnight for the first time in eight years.

She spent the night in a private clinic when she was treated for a gastroenteritis attack (a gastric worm that causes diarrhea and vomiting) in 2013.

Why did she go to King Edward VII’s hospital?

King Edward VII’s Hospital in Marylebone, London is the hospital of choice for the royal family.

A dedicated clinic in central London has long been used as the first port of call for sick members of the royal family, including the late Princess Margaret and her mother.

It was the place where the Duke of Edinburgh spent about a month before his death in April this year.

Prince Phillip has been hospitalized many times in recent years.

The Duke was briefly treated in the hospital in 2018, following a planned hospitalization for an existing but undisclosed condition.

The previous year, he spent nine days at the facility receiving treatment and physiotherapy after hip replacement.

The Duchess of Cambridge also received morning sickness treatment when she was pregnant with Prince George.

The Queen is a patron of the institution founded in 1899.

The Queen spent the night in the hospital after being told to rest in health concerns

Source link The Queen spent the night in the hospital after being told to rest in health concerns

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