The Queen’s grandson has a vigil at her coffin with the Duke of Sussex

The Queen’s grandchildren guard around her coffin. London Hours after her parents held a moving all-nighter at the Palace of Westminster on Saturday.

In particular, the Duke of Sussex joins his brother prince of wales in uniform around the coffin Westminster Hallahead of the state funeral on Monday.

Harry saw frontline action during two shifts Afghanistanhe had previously been denied the opportunity to wear military uniform during public mourning because he is no longer a member of the active royal family.

Ordinary people waiting in line at Southwark Park in London (Ian West/PA)

(PA wire)

However, royal sources say the king decided that he could wear uniform for the all-nighter, saying that his youngest son would stand at the foot of the coffin and William would stand at the head.

Despite being a former army officer, he wears plain clothes for official functions and walked behind his grandmother’s coffin on Wednesday as it was carried to Westminster Hall for lying in the state.

On Friday night, the Queen’s children – Charles, the Duke of York, the Princess Royal and the Earl of Wessex – attended their wake.

The King, Anne, Andrew, and Edward all looked solemn and stood guard around his mother’s coffin.

Charles III, the Earl of Wessex and the Duke of York spend the night beside their mother’s coffin (Daniel Leal/PA)

(PA wire)

Final preparations are underway for Monday’s funeral, with politicians and royal dignitaries expected to arrive from around the world over the weekend.

Prime Minister on Saturday Liz Truss A spokesperson for No 10 said it plans to meet Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers Anthony Albanese and Jacinda Ardern.

Prince Charles will also meet with the chief of staff at Buckingham Palace on Saturday and visit police headquarters to thank the emergency services for their work in planning the funeral.

On Sunday, Ms Truss will meet in Downing Street with Taoisac Michael Martin of Ireland, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, President Andrzej Duda of Poland and President of the United States Joe Biden.

She plans to have an audience with the King before attending his reception to visit the head of state at Buckingham Palace on Sunday.

Charles kicked off the day with a visit to Wales after recent trips to Northern Ireland and Scotland, wrapping up a tour of his home country on Friday.

Meanwhile, thousands of people continue to line up to see the Queen’s coffin laid out in the country, some lining up for almost a day.

As of 9 p.m. Friday night, the Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports’ queue tracker warned people that queues were expected to last “at least 22 hours” and that “nighttime temperatures will drop.”

About 2,000 people will gather inside London’s Westminster Abbey on Monday for the Queen’s funeral.

(Hannah McKay/PA)

(PA wire)

Around 800 people, including the Queen’s family and Windsor estate staff, will then attend a devotional service at 4pm at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

After the funeral, the King and members of the royal family walk behind the Queen’s coffin to Wellington Arch as they depart Westminster Abbey before traveling in the state hearse to Windsor. The Queen’s grandson has a vigil at her coffin with the Duke of Sussex

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