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The reality of eating at “The Worst McDonald’s in Britain”

McDonald’s has branches all over the UK, but some have a particularly “worst” reputation.

Kingswinford branch McDonald’s Near Dudley on Black Country, TripAdvisor had only two stars, with 62 of the 102 customer reviews bad, 11 poor, and 13 average as of January 2022.

A Birmingham Live Journalist I decided to find out for myself how bad this fast food restaurant is.

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They decided on McDonald’s restaurants for settings, services, and food and drink. This is what they had to say about each element.


“When I first arrived at McDonald’s off Dudley Road, I was surprised at how busy the parking lot was. It’s not the largest parking lot anyway-but quite a few delivery drivers are also parked. After all, I grabbed the last place in the parking lot.

“When I stepped into the restaurant itself, I noticed that it was pretty busy near 11:30 am on Tuesday, January. Some tables were already picked up by people who eat alone and a few families. rice field.

“But in the first impression, it looked clean and tidy-no food left on the table. Again, I visited quite early in the day, so this is from the afternoon It may vary over the evening.

“When I arrived, no one was servicing behind the counter. Only the ones who were handing out orders, so I had to use the self-service screen. Overall, I noticed that the restaurant was clean, tidy and well organized. I sat down to enjoy the meal, but messy tables and food lay down. I couldn’t see it.

“I only saw food left on the table when my family left, and during the 10-15 minutes I stayed before I left, this hadn’t been cleaned up yet. And when I got back to the car, it was still visible through the window.

“The outside was clean. There was no trash can overflowing or dumping. The first impression was that it wasn’t too bad. I’ve definitely seen McDonald’s worsen in the past. You may.”


“As mentioned earlier, when we arrived at the restaurant, no one was servicing behind the counter. I had to use a self-service screen, but this wasn’t a big deal. Others. It may be a sign of a new Covid era, as there is less interaction with people.

“Anyway, the screen was quick and easy to use, waiting for food to arrive within minutes.

“I wasn’t expecting much because I’ve read reviews on TripAdvisor about orders and items I missed from cold food. Still, within minutes, my order number was called up and the food in the big tray. Was presented.

“The staff who served me were friendly and quick. I couldn’t order the sauce from the screen, so when I collected the food I asked again and got what I asked for. It was also free-the price of the sauce. Is it a thing of the past? I can’t think of anything!

“All the staff I saw behind the kitchen counter were wearing masks. I didn’t see any service disadvantages. I also saw staff sitting at the table and delivering food to people. . “

Eating and drinking

“I was the only one to visit McDonald’s this time, but I ordered enough food to test if I received all the items I ordered. And a big disclaimer here, I Didn’t eat it all. I couldn’t eat all that food.

“So I ordered a big quarter pounder meal with french fries and an oasis. Happy meal of chicken nuggets with a bottle of orange juice (I chose ketchup because it had a choice of sauces). One apple pie. And deluxe hot chocolate.

“Overall, it cost £ 9.96. So it’s not bad at all. As I mentioned earlier, when collecting my food, I asked for two more sauces-sweet curry and sweet and sour. ..

“When I collected the orders, everything seemed to be there. And that-there was nothing missing in my order. It’s a good start so far.

“I first tried the big chips that came with the main dish. These were hot. And the box was full and there wasn’t a half part here. In fact, they were from the box to the tray. It was falling.

“But compare them to Happy Meal Chips. These were lukewarm water, further down the packet and quite cold. So rather disappointed there. I tried a few times and it’s already eaten. did not.

“Next, I took a few bytes out of the Quarter Pounder. It was well organized and nothing really fell apart, so the first impression looked good. But it wasn’t that warm. did.

“The burgers aren’t cold, but they weren’t as warm as I expected. I’m sorry. But that wasn’t bad.

“But the chicken nuggets were warm, so give me a thumbs up! They were as delicious as I remember.

“The apple pie was hot when I approached it, even though I was sitting on the tray for 20-25 minutes while trying other foods and drinks.

“From my memory, I think McDonald’s apple pie has never been (despite winning many times in the monopoly). It was delicious. I will definitely try again.

“During this visit, I purposely ordered a deluxe hot chocolate. It was displayed on the screen shortly after coming out of the menu, so I think it’s a more festive drink. With whipped cream and chocolate dusting on top. It is coming.

“But on my previous two visits (not this particular brunch), I ordered this exact drink. A) No cream, B) No chocolate dusting, C) Almost half full. So I was intrigued to see if this was similar.

“This time all three boxes were checked, which made me happy and surprised. And it got hot. And it was warm while I was in the restaurant, and I was driving home for 20 minutes. It was the optimum drinking temperature.

“It wasn’t the best hot chocolate I’ve ever tried. Sometimes McDonald’s hot chocolate hits or misses. Sometimes it looks like you’re drinking hot water, and sometimes it’s delicious.

“This was ok-the chocolate flavor came out-but it didn’t rival somewhere like Costa. And it didn’t look as luxurious as the image on the screen, but when Do they think of me? “


“After reading an overwhelmingly terrible review on TripAdvisor, I headed to the Kingswinford branch for fear of what’s in the store. Can I get a complete order? Is the restaurant cluttered? My Is the food cold? Is the staff rude?

“Even the latest review in December is very negative. But to be honest, it was a nice surprise. It wasn’t as bad as the review came out. Whether this is based on the time I visited As mentioned earlier, I was there around 11:30 am on Tuesday, January.

“If you visit in the evening or weekend after a busy lunchtime rush, this could be a completely different review, but I found it clean, relatively tidy and the staff I met It turned out to be friendly and following Covid’s measures.

“It was a comfortable facility. I certainly had a worse time and walked straight ahead. All the food I ordered arrived in my tray-and also at an early timing.

“Some items were cold or lukewarm, which was very disappointing. But others got hot and full to the edge-big chips and deluxe hot chocolate.

“Would you like to go again? Maybe on the way somewhere. Maybe the lesson of this story is that you don’t always listen to TripAdvisor reviews …

“We contacted the McDonald’s press office to see the answers to the negative reviews posted on TripAdvisor and to see if any improvements were made to that particular restaurant.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson told Birmingham Live journalists:

“However, the reviews referenced make up a small percentage of the thousands of customers who serve every day. If a customer complains, consult the restaurant crew or the customer. It is recommended to contact the service team. “

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The reality of eating at "The Worst McDonald's in Britain"

Source link The reality of eating at "The Worst McDonald's in Britain"

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