The Red Cross begs hackers not to leak data from 515,000 vulnerable people

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) announced: Wednesday cyber attack Sensitive data from more than 515,000 highly vulnerable people has been compromised.

A Geneva-based humanitarian agency said the breach by an unknown intruder targeted a Swiss external contractor storing ICRC data.

Hackers have targeted servers that hold information about people separated from their families due to migration, conflict, and disasters, missing persons, families, and people in custody.

The stolen data includes name, contact details, and location information. It came from at least 60 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies: A network of volunteers and personnel around the world that the Red Cross uses as the first responders to disasters.

The ICRC said the breach was not a ransomware attack, but forced the organization to shut down an IT system that supports a program called “Restoring Family Links” that helps the ICRC reunite separated families.

It is unknown who is responsible for the attack, but the ICRC’s most pressing concern is the potential for compromised data leaks.

In a statement, ICRC Secretary Robert Mardini said the organization was “frightened and embarrassed” when it saw humanitarian data being targeted by hackers.

The ICRC does not know why the attack took place, but Maldini said the Red Cross has the appeal of appealing to the perpetrators.

“Your actions can cause even more harm and suffering to those who have already endured immense suffering,” he said.

Maldini said that the victims of the breach are “the least powerful in the world” and hackers should “share, sell, leak, or otherwise use” their data. I added that it wouldn’t be.

The Red Cross Red Crescent Society movement helps reunite an average of 12 missing people and their families each day.

“It’s a dozens of fun family reunifications every day. Cyber ​​attacks like this endanger their essential work.”

Maldini added that the ICRC works closely with humanitarian partners around the world to understand the scale of the incident and will take all necessary steps to protect the ICRC’s data in the future.

Over the past few years, a series of cyberattacks have hit other well-performing organizations, including healthcare providers, and affected their services.

in May, Irish Health Services (HSE) has been forced to shut down all IT systems Many hospitals were forced to cancel their appointments after being hit by an attack that affected diagnostic services.

Investigation has identified an attack on the Conti Group. Targeting over 400 entities around the world, 290 of which were in the United States. They included law enforcement agencies, local governments, emergency medical services, 911 dispatch centers and other organizations.

The Red Cross begs hackers not to leak data from 515,000 vulnerable people

Source link The Red Cross begs hackers not to leak data from 515,000 vulnerable people

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