The report reveals that the pandemic has brought about a new era of health consciousness.

  • Westfield Health’s analysis reveals the well-being trends employers can expect this year.
  • The report shows a surge in interest in opticians, dentists and folk medicine.
  • Increasing searches in the NHS backlog indicate that workers want to be proactive about their health, but may not know where to go.
  • Employers have the opportunity to help people throughout this new age of health consciousness.

With health and welfare at the forefront of global change for almost two years, Westfield Health’s analysis reveals emerging welfare trends.

The Wellbeing Trends 2022 report explores what the country has learned from pandemics, the growing importance of values, approaches to hybrid work, and future challenges.

Increased health awareness and happiness

This report provides evidence of growing public awareness of key health care issues, including greater exposure to people’s well-being.

Optician, dentist, and NHS backlog searches have all increased by more than 50% since October 2019 and are still increasing. While searching for “private healthcare” online, it has increased by 23% since August 2021.

With the pandemic, more people are engaged in health and welfare than ever before, and more than 350 meters have been taken since the pandemic started, so the search for immunochromatography continues to grow.

For example, interest in influenza vaccination has tripled in 2019. This suggests that health-conscious decision-making remains important to many, even after the country has learned to coexist with Covid-19.

Westfield Health predicts that by 2022, the number of individuals who manage their health will continue to increase.

Vicky Walker, People Director of Westfield Health, outlined how employers can support workers through this.

“It’s great that people are more active towards their health and well-being after a pandemic, but there are also potential issues with support gaps. Addressing employee needs is Certainly the trend expected for the New Year. Therefore, companies need to be familiar with what their employees are looking for to support their health-conscious journey.

“Here we have the opportunity for employers to offer or implement new strategies to improve employee health care. Policies such as mental health days and flexible vacations for bookings make people their own. It’s an easy way to protect your health and be able to add value.

“Companies provide mental health first aid to help employees seek support, hold webins and training to promote health conversations, and hold events that promote exercise, such as walking meetings. You can also provide a secret means for there is.”

The full report from Westfield Health can be found at:

The report reveals that the pandemic has brought about a new era of health consciousness.

Source link The report reveals that the pandemic has brought about a new era of health consciousness.

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