The report warns that students are likely to lose £ 16,000 in future income due to a pandemic

student Could result in a loss of £ 16,000 in revenue in the future. COVID Pandemic, According to a new report.

NS National Institute for Educational Policy Research (EPI) said more money is needed to help young people catch up About learning to avoid long-term damage to their life opportunities.

According to a study released by a think tank in the summer, students’ learning is two to three months behind pre-pandemic levels, and underprivileged students are even behind.

“The long-term effects of this degree of learning loss are significant,” said a new report released Thursday.

Think tanks said students were likely to miss £ 16,000 in income due to the effects of a pandemic that kept students home during the blockade and quarantine.

In total, the lost income is estimated to reach hundreds of billions.

But apart from the economic implications, loss of learning “is likely to affect health outcomes, civil society engagement, and well-being,” EPI said.

“This report shows the severe situation of substantial learning loss suffered by young people during the coronavirus pandemic process,” said Julie McCulloch of the School and University Leaders Association (ASCL).

The union’s policy director said it was also a “clear call” for the government to announce a “substantial education recovery fund” in its spending review next week.

“This is surprising to the government, as everyone involved in education warns of the potential consequences of underinvestment in our schools and universities and the knock-on effect on students directly affected by the pandemic. That’s not the case, “she added.

EPI is seeking a £ 13bn package of education recovery and resilience over the next three years, more funding for schools in disadvantaged areas and a higher proportion of children using free school lunches I have.

This is compared to the £ 3.1 billion allocated in the current government plan-EPI Estimated to be around £ 310 per student in the UK 4th grade and above.

In response to the report, Shadow Education Minister Kate Green said the government’s “terrible recovery offer is far below what is needed.”

Last month, the Office for National Statistics reported that distance learning, which schools sometimes relied on during pandemics, was a “partial alternative at best” to classroom lessons. school More disadvantaged students, especially those who have been hit hard

A government spokesperson said:

“We have significantly expanded our national tutoring program this year, providing schools with tutors to work for them and their families, building on advances from last year that have benefited more than 300,000 children. Gives you more flexibility to do. “

They further added: , You can be more skilled and ready for the world of work. “

The report warns that students are likely to lose £ 16,000 in future income due to a pandemic

Source link The report warns that students are likely to lose £ 16,000 in future income due to a pandemic

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