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The Tories warned that if Mr Johnson was not expelled, the party would face a “1,000-cut death.”

Tory lawmakers have been warned that the party will face “1,000 cuts of death” if they do not act to expel them quickly. Boris Johnson About allegations of rule-violating parties in Downing Street.

Senior Conservative Party David Davis Said Prime Minister “Go in the name of God” at Commons on Wednesday, shortly after one of the latest Tory lawmakers went into exile in the Labor Party.

Former Brexit intervention came during the Prime Minister’s question, which began minutes later. Christian Wakeford He refused to “protect those who could not defend” and switched sides.

Johnson entered the Commons with a life-supporting premiereship. Tories The person who won the seat in the 2019 election seems to have lost trust in his boss.

No 10 said Mr Johnson would fight a motion of no confidence against him and claimed he was hoping to fight the next general election.

A spokesman for Johnson said he would meet more with the MP when he tried to increase support on his backbench.

The anger from the former minister, who was first elected in 1987, and Mr. Wakeford, who was elected to the so-called Redwall seat in Bury South two years ago, showed the breadth of the party’s anger.

“The party will have to make a decision, or we’ll face 1,000 cuts of death,” Davis said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph.

The prime minister said that if senior civil servant Sue Gray dismissed staff after conducting her investigation into an incident held at 10 during Covid’s time limit, it would appear to be “passing on responsibility.” , Haltenprice and Howden MP said.

Then there is the “crisis” of rising energy bills, and the increase in national insurance can be exacerbated by the “chaos” of No. 10 and cause a motion of no confidence at Christmas. This means “year of pain”.

“This is the worst result, especially for 2019, 2017, and 2015 intakes, which means we’ll create a policy that goes on for each slice, hits the negatives, and worse, tries to overcome them. . “

Wakeford, who was elected by a majority of only 402 votes in 2019, accused Johnson of “not being able to provide the right leadership and government for the country” when he changed power.

Following a joint media appearance with Labor leader Sir Kiel Starmer, Wakeford said the Tories were “a party trying to defend the defenseless party” when explaining his asylum. rice field.

A Labor spokesman said the party had been in talks with Wakeford “for a while” and welcomed the election after Mr Johnson said the Tories would regain Bury South.

While the Prime Minister’s spokesman said she knew nothing, he declined to say if there were more conservative lawmakers considering asylum.

Christian Wakeford and Sir Keir Starmer (Stefan Rousseau / PA)

(PA wire)

At Commons, Mr Johnson once again apologized for the story of a party threatening to be the secret to death during his time as Prime Minister.

However, he said the report would be published next week, so “submitting an explanation of what happened” was due to Ms. Gray’s question.

In favor of the “Bring Yourself” party in May 2020 in Downing Street, Sir Kiel faced a big ridicule from a conservative bench when trying to ask the first question. Admitted that Mr Johnson attended, accusing Congressman Tory of “bringing his own drink” to Congress.

An official spokesman for the Prime Minister said Mr Johnson could not access the diary on the day of the event. This can be important to show if Johnson knew it in advance.

A spokesman said the prime minister would normally get a “runthrough of his day” at the morning meeting, but added that he couldn’t say what was discussed “on that particular day.” rice field.

Mr Johnson’s allies give him more time as reports suggest that the threshold of 54 letters from lawmakers who will initiate the prime minister’s distrust resolution on Wednesday could be reached. I begged for it.

The Prime Minister insisted that “no one told me that what we were doing violated the rules,” and believed he was attending a work event.

However, former aide Dominic Cummings claimed that Johnson knew the case in advance and was warned that he was in breach of the rules of the time.

Former aide Dominic Cummings claims he knew in advance that the Prime Minister would “bring his own drink” to the downing streets that would meet in May 2020 (Kirsty O’Connor / PA).

(PA archive)

A spokesman for the Prime Minister could not point out where work events were allowed under the rules.

The May 20 event is one of many events to be investigated by Ms. Gray, and Tory MPs should wait for her report before deciding whether to oppose the Prime Minister. Prompted by the Minister.

Health Minister Sajid Javid said at a press conference in Downing Street that he “fully supports the Prime Minister” while waiting for Gray’s report.

Javid, who opposed Johnson for leadership in 2019, did not rule out the next bid in the future. I have a prime minister. “

Johnson said he would not resign when challenged during the PMQ.

During the chaotic session, Davis said he spent weeks protecting Johnson from angry members. This includes reminding us of “Brexit’s success”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks in the Prime Minister’s question at the House of Commons. (House of Commons / PA)

(PA wire)

“I expect my leaders to be responsible for the actions they take,” Davis said.

“Yesterday he did the opposite, reminding me of a quote familiar to his ears. From Leopold Amery to Neville Chamberlain. Go in the name of God.”

Seven Tory lawmakers publicly called for Mr Johnson to resign, but far less than the 54 required to submit a motion of no confidence to the 1922 Backbench Commission.

The number would have been eight, but Mr. Wakeford’s asylum means that the tally hasn’t changed.

Andrew Bridgen, one of the seven, expects another 20 letters to reach PA Chairman Graham Brady from 2019 to 1922 on Wednesday, PA News Agency said. Told.

The Tories warned that if Mr Johnson was not expelled, the party would face a “1,000-cut death.”

Source link The Tories warned that if Mr Johnson was not expelled, the party would face a “1,000-cut death.”

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