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The Toxtes community vows to launch a “big battle” for the job center

Campaign participants and union officials have vowed to engage in a “biggest battle” to protect Toxteth’s job center.

Announced in April The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced that it will close the Hyperk Street site next year and move all staff to the heart of Duke Street in the city centre. This move was confirmed in a letter by Employment Minister Mims Davies. Kim Johnson, a Labor Party member of Liverpool Riverside.

When the Toxteth branch and St. John’s Market location are closed in March 2023, approximately 200 staff will be moved. An emergency meeting was called By PCS Union officials to fight the closure at Toxteth City Hall on Monday.

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Martin Cavanagh, President of the PCS Union DWP Group, said Toxteth is a “support-worthy” community. He states: “Without a community, this wouldn’t happen. It’s about the community to which the service should be served.

“It’s easily accessible to those in need of support. The closure of the Toxteth Job Center just can’t happen and isn’t allowed.

“This is a supportable community. We need all the communities we are with to say you are not robbing this job center.”

The conference, which was attended by more than 12 people from the union and the wider community, was initiated by Angela Grant, Vice President of the PCS Union DWP Group. She said she needed a “certified stand” to protect the center.

She states: “This is a political attack, an attack on all of us, an attack on the community. This is our community, and when the announcement was made, the staff for the customers who came to support us. I was shedding tears.

“We asked the department to assess the equal impact of the staff and communities they serve. When they said that Toxteth has 9% blacks, Asians and ethnic minorities, you feather me. I may have defeated it. “

Ms. Grant said that both staff and service users would experience a similar fate if the closure was allowed to proceed. She states: “People are vulnerable and need a job center in the community, so they use the job center. Customers and staff will suffer from the same problem.

“This is a campaign. This is the beginning. I want to grow acorns from there.

“Companies are sourced from this job center, but if this job center is closed, how many shops will be closed? This job center feeds the L8 community, we create a collaborative position. is needed.

“Save this job center and win for the community.” One union member said, “It’s time to put party politics aside. Community effort is needed.”

Emotions were expressed by residents who stated that the closure could “harm” the people living in Toxteth. They say: “We lost the post office and banks, and the community was stripped.

“We lost a lot and then got this. You will create a barrier to get to the job center that people have been using for some time.

“There are many reasons why some people don’t want to go to town. This is a friendly and safe place.

“It has a negative impact on the people who live in this area.”

Rita Berry, head of the PCS Union Liverpool branch, has vowed not to close the center without a fight.

She states: “The Job Center deals with pensioners, not just those who claim benefits. We are the face of DWP. We need a community to support us and as much as possible. I’m going to have a big fight. “

A DWP spokesperson said: As a result, unemployment is not expected. “

The Toxtes community vows to launch a "big battle" for the job center

Source link The Toxtes community vows to launch a "big battle" for the job center

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