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The tragic mother, whose children died in a theme park ride, calls the tragedy “life imprisonment.”

Two mothers who were horribly killed Theme park accident They marked the fifth anniversary of their death in an open letter stating that their death was “life imprisonment” for her.

Kim Dorset says he has lived the “worst nightmare” every day since his son and daughter died.

Luke Dorset (35 years old) and sister Kate Goodchild (32 years old) killed When their squid flipped over on Thunder River Rapids Ride Dream world Australia’s Gold Coast.

Luke’s long-term partner Roozi Araghi, 38, and another woman, Cindy Low, also died in a 2016 accident.

Cindy’s 10-year-old son and Kate’s 12-year-old daughter on a raft at the time. Survived the tragedy.

Luke “I loved life, I loved parties”

The inquest learned that the cause of the accident was a water pump failure and the water level during the ride was dangerously low.

The theme park parent company was fined $ 3.6 million (a little less than £ 2 million) after pleading guilty to a safety failure in September 2020.

Kim says he had an eerie premonition that his family’s day would end badly. “I was really worried about their day before … something would happen,” she said.

“I was worried when I remember waking up, but it was never in my dreams. [that something] It will happen to children and those I know, just that something you know wasn’t completely right. “

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Kate's daughters, Ebony and Evi,
Kate’s daughters, Ebony and Evi, “grow and continue to grow into beautiful young people,” Kim writes.

Now, in a letter posted on the Australian website New Idea, a sadly overwhelmed mother said that losing her child was “life imprisonment and eating up our daily lives.” I am writing.

“It’s like yesterday, and sometimes it feels like it was a lifetime,” Kim wrote.

“The brutal reality is that this is life imprisonment and is eating up our daily lives. We don’t have to tell our mother that two children were killed in a theme park ride. From a knock on the door from a beautiful policeman, to the funeral two weeks later.

“As Rouge’s father once told me,’The easiest part of this was to fill them.'”

Four people died when they turned over while riding the Thunder River Rapids at Dream World in Australia
Kim said it was painful to learn that the four lost lives were “worth only $ 3.6 million.”

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“I understand that while this is living my worst nightmare, there are others who are as tragic as I am. Losing one or more children is I can never think of it in my mother’s head. “

Kim also remembered celebrating his son’s 40th birthday.

She said Luke “loved life and loved parties.” And she remembered him with some of his close friends.

“We laughed and cried. We remembered the funny times and how quickly those memories ended in sadness,” she writes.

The tragic mother, whose children died in a theme park ride, calls the tragedy "life imprisonment."

Source link The tragic mother, whose children died in a theme park ride, calls the tragedy "life imprisonment."

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