The UK warned that visa plans to fix the shortage of truck drivers would not solve the Reuters crisis

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London (Reuters)-UK’s decision to issue temporary visas to 5,000 foreign truck drivers does not solve a serious labor shortage that could cause great disruption to retailers for Christmas The solution, the business leader warned.

Long at the gas station on Saturday’s second day as the oil company waited hours for the driver to fill up with fuel after reporting that the driver shortage was causing transportation problems from the refinery to the front yard. A convoy is formed, and some operators use distribution supplies to close gas stations. [L1N2QR05A]

Fuel supply issues are behind a warning from the retail industry that unless the driver shortage is resolved, there will be major issues before the busy festival shopping period.

In a statement, Transport Minister Grant Shapps said, “We know how important this Christmas will be to all of us after a very difficult 18 months. That’s why we’re ready to go as soon as possible. We are taking these steps on the occasion. “

According to the British Road Transport Association (RHA), the UK faces a shortage of about 100,000 drivers. This is because workers have left the industry and Brexit and pandemics have stopped driver training and testing for about a year.

The government plans to allow 5,000 heavy-duty transport (HGV) drivers to come to the UK on temporary visas, with an additional 5,500 visas “to avoid potential further pressure on the food industry.” Issued to poultry workers.

Despite calls from retail and logistics companies, these short-term visas that the government previously refused to introduce will expire on December 24th.

In addition, up to 4,000 people will be trained as new truck drivers, and letters will be sent to approximately one million HGV licensed drivers to bring them back to the industry. It will also speed up the testing process by drafting a Defense Department examiner. ..

The government said visas are not a long-term solution, and the long-term solution is to hire more British drivers at better wages and terms.

“We are currently in action, but in order for companies to retain new drivers, the industry needs to play a role as working conditions continue to improve and the salary increases of course continue to be maintained.” Mr. Chaps said.

Andrew Opy, director of food and sustainability at the UK Retail Consortium, warned on Friday that the government would only have 10 days to resolve the driver shortage problem, said the plan was inadequate.

“The 5,000 visa limit will help alleviate the current shortage,” he said. “We estimate that supermarkets alone will need at least 15,000 HGV drivers to be fully operational before Christmas and avoid confusion and availability issues.”

Others have warned that European drivers may not want to work in the UK again anyway.

“We don’t expect many drivers to return to the UK, even if the UK government permits it,” said Marco Digioia, general secretary of the European Association of Road Carriers.

The UK warned that visa plans to fix the shortage of truck drivers would not solve the Reuters crisis

Source link The UK warned that visa plans to fix the shortage of truck drivers would not solve the Reuters crisis

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