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The wedding planner confesses, “It’s hard to stop the groom from going to see football.”

Have you ever considered a Game of Thrones-themed wedding? Or do you want the rabbit to carry the ring into the aisle?

After working as a wedding planner at Knowsley Hall for 12 years, Jason White has seen it all. Originally from St. Helens, Jason is an event manager for a majestic mansion.

However, while the hall looks like a modern Downton monastery, the bride and groom want something amazing to happen at the wedding.

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The 31-year-old came across a wedding planning career entirely by chance. He said he had “no clue” what to do in college, and after going to a job fair, he got a job as a glass collector at Knowsley Hall.

While in the hall, he went up in rank and planned hundreds of weddings. He says he is now preparing to plan his wedding next year and it will be difficult to stop planning for the day itself.

Jason talked to ECHO to share what he learned from working on brides, grooms, and unusual wedding requests for 12 years. From Lego cakes to celebrity guests visiting the gorgeous Merseyside venues.

What was your favorite wedding you planned?

“My favorite is to give the bride and groom a surprise. They planned to impersonate Gary Barlow at the wedding, but in reality we got Gary Barlow himself. I was able to put it in.

“Only four or five people knew what was really happening, and I couldn’t tell the staff, so Gary Barlow’s impersonation came in and we all had to communicate with each other. Had an earpiece – it was all very MI5.

“We had a specific access route and walkway, so he wasn’t seen and the game wasn’t distributed. Gary Barlow burst the door in the middle of the song and played at the wedding. ..

“The couple was just in awe and the bride was crying. It was a very special moment and they were big fans of Gary Barlow, so it really made their wedding.”

How long does it take to plan each wedding?

“The whole process takes about a couple of years from start to finish, which builds trust with the client, allows the client to know me, and vice versa.

“They fill out a lot of forms and I give them my card so they can ask me questions. Then maybe 6 months before the wedding it gets a little more intense.

“The couple come to the meeting to try their meals and discuss the order of the day. We aim to project what they want into real life.

“I think we are planning about 60 to 70 weddings a year. We don’t want to be a wedding factory, so we’re trying to limit each one to something really special. “

What are some of the more unusual things people want?

“Because we are a stately home, many want a black tie event with champagne and canapés, but there are even more unusual requests.

“There were quite a few thematic weddings, such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and even Halloween weddings. Someone wanted a bongo drum, but it’s not necessarily stately. Not always assembled with the house.

“A couple had a rabbit deliver a ring and went down the aisle in a baby carriage. It was very well cared for and was the most guest of all.

“They absolutely loved their pet rabbits and wanted it for their wedding. When they first asked for it, I had to get them to repeat what they said.

“I’ve often been distracted by what people want, but I haven’t refused anything so far. You obviously respond to what the couple wants and do it. I will do my best to make it happen. “

How about a rare costume?

“There was a red wedding dress at the Halloween wedding. There was another one that had a spider web for a nightmare before the Christmas-themed wedding.

“There was a pumpkin in front of the hall. The theme was a great achievement and it really worked.”

And is there a strange choice of cakes?

“Currently, traditional wedding cakes are outside the window. People are looking for Kinder Bueno cakes instead of traditional fruitcakes.

“Another popular one is a 50/50 cake, each half different. For example, one traditional half had a bride and groom in front, and when turned over, the other half was a lego cake. ..

“Many people are asking for an alternative to cake. Some people want a cheese tower instead of a cake, while others want a cupcake instead of a big wedding cake.”

About 60 to 70 weddings are held each year at the Knowsley Hall in Merseyside.

Have you ever had a disaster on a big day?

“One morning I was having a wedding and crashed on the freeway. A flower shop, a chair cover company, and a cake company were on the freeway.

“I was informed by the florist that the traffic wasn’t working. The ceremony was scheduled to start at 2pm.

“We took action. We took out all the chair covers for use as a backup and couldn’t walk the bride, so to find the most beautiful bouquet of flowers we can. I was going to drive down to Marks & Spencer. One walkway.

“We didn’t say anything to the bride about this. It was a very close call, but everyone was able to get there on time.

“We were able to delay the wedding a few minutes and manage to get everything done with the bride who was completely unaware, so we didn’t cry or weep, and the bride even knew nothing was wrong. I didn’t. “

Have you ever eaten Bride Jira?

“You sometimes get a difficult bride, but it just comes from the stress of the day. They come from a strong background and it’s difficult to give control to someone else to plan the day. I feel it.

“It’s really difficult and I’m working hard to reassure them. I tell them that whatever happens that day happens and they should try to enjoy every second.

“Recently, Groomzilla has become more common. They are trying to plan a wedding around football and want to leave to watch the match.”

What is your favorite thing about your job?

“It’s always a happy opportunity and it’s always different. I also like to stand up.

“It’s about people and making them happy because it’s the day they’re with them for the rest of their lives. Recently we had a wedding with amazing horses and carriages. , And the bride was very surprised because she started crying, and I also started crying because I knew everything about it.

“It’s a thank you you get, then a thank you card and an email. It just means the world and it’s very exciting to plan the next world. I still talk to some couples. increase.”

Jason often stays in touch with the couple after the wedding
Jason often stays in touch with the couple after the wedding

What about your most disliked thing?

“It’s a long time, but if you commit and love what I’m doing, it’s better than that. You should always give 100% so that it doesn’t flatten.

“It’s sometimes stressful. It’s a lot of work and a lot of time, but in the end it all pays off.”

What is more popular now than it was 12 years ago?

“When I started, there were so many weddings. It looks like they’re shrinking in size, as it’s common to have only close friends and family.

“Dress sense has changed. It was very formal 12 years ago. Now brides and grooms like to wear different colors. Traditional white is no longer pure white. ..

“People who like off-white and ivory. Trains are getting bigger.

“Traditionally the bride was in control, but the groom is now more interested in the plan. It’s really nice to show how much they care and love each other.

“Obviously, there are many more same-sex couples. The work is so diverse that it makes it even more exciting.”

What features do you need to be a wedding planner?

“You definitely have to be understandable and friendly. Couples don’t know how the process works, so you also need to have a good direction and you’re on the road You need to guide them at every step.

“You need to have a good relationship with them, and being warm, welcoming and trustworthy will allow you to go far.”

What do you say to anyone who wants to be a wedding planner?

“Weddings vary in size and size, and people want such things, so the job is really unpredictable.

“I wasn’t qualified and I happened to fall into it completely. But start from the bottom, show your passion and ask a lot of questions! You can always start thinking. “

The wedding planner confesses, "It's hard to stop the groom from going to see football."

Source link The wedding planner confesses, "It's hard to stop the groom from going to see football."

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