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The woman was shocked as a stranger knocked on the door after a heartwarming Facebook post

The woman remained shocked after posting on Facebook with an offer to host someone who was alone on Christmas day.

The Southport A woman who wanted to remain anonymous posted on social media and lost her word when a marathoner appeared.

The post says, “If anyone is alone, send us a message and come to us.”

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Despite the ads, she was still shocked when someone appeared At her house for the holidays..

She was even more surprised when it turned out that a stranger was a marathon runner who raised thousands of pounds for charity, but realized she was alone for Christmas.

The organizer said: This gentleman turned out to be a marathon runner!

“He runs hundreds of marathons for charity. I want him to be recognized. And hopefully an honor from the Queen. He is an extraordinary gentleman.”

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John Card was the man he was invited to have dinner at someone he didn’t know. She is currently pushing with the local community to get John’s royal approval.

John talked about how he ran the Virtual London Marathon during the blockade and managed to raise £ 800 for the Southport Lifeboat.

“Honestly, I’ve done it before because of the great feelings I get from collecting money for charity and my love for running,” said a 76-year-old woman.

“I’m actually 77 years old in just over two weeks, but I’m still running for charity.

“I’ve been running most of the half marathons (13.1 miles) these days, and now I’ve been running for years. But I did a virtual London marathon last year.”

Despite the pandemic disrupting many activities, John has been working hard to raise money for charity.

John Card hands a check to Southport Lifeboat after raising funds for charity

People are now demanding that he be recognized by the royal family, and some even label him “Southport Captain Sir Tom Moore.”

He states: “Since the pandemic occurred and many running events were canceled, I’ve been doing virtual running challenges.

“A few months ago, I was able to do the Route 66 Virtual Running Challenge and raise £ 800 for the Southport Lifeboat.

“So I ran 2,280 miles on Route 66, but I did it here in Southport. It took me a few months.”

John has held eight London Marathons and has participated in the New York Marathon, the Rotterdam Marathon and many other marathons around the world.

“I have also participated in dozens of virtual runs or challenges over the last 18 months, including the 509-mile Camino de Santiago Virtual Challenge.”

John initially spoke with the local community group Friends of Southport, more specifically Claire Kelly. There, the ball began to move, shining a spotlight on the ongoing charity activities.

After talking to John, one wrote:

Another says: “I agree that the next step is a petition to honor him. Share it everywhere x.”

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The woman was shocked as a stranger knocked on the door after a heartwarming Facebook post

Source link The woman was shocked as a stranger knocked on the door after a heartwarming Facebook post

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