The world remains markedly ‘Western’ in intellectual concepts and traditions even today: EAM Jaishankar

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]November 25 (ANI): Pointing out that today’s world is still quite “Western” in terms of intellectual concepts, traditions and structures, External Affairs Minister (EAM) S. Jaishankar on Saturday said that India’s focused on strengthening its strategic culture and making more contributions. We dedicate energy to indigenous knowledge and traditions and build international relations with an Indian character.

Jaishankar, speaking on the theme ‘India’s Strategic Culture’ at the 2023 International Relations Conference, said, ‘To open our eyes to the treasure trove of culture, knowledge, history and tradition that we are, “Maybe it’s not worth the time, attention and energy.” Tackling global and local challenges takes place here at the Symbiosis Institute in Pune.

Speaking at the event, Jaishankar said: “The world remains quite Western in its intellectual concepts, traditions and composition. When we say Western, much of it is actually British. Yes, because for the past 250 years in the world, the Western powers, Great Britain… have been a vast empire.”

“They’ve really shaped some great debates and conversations, and it’s interesting that if you look at the way they’ve done that, they’ve developed ideas in history, political science and international relations,” he added.

He said the Western world is globally dominant and hegemonic, adding that many people equate Westernism with modernism.

“For the past 300-plus years, the Western powers have been globally dominant. They have been hegemonic. For them, a great power means great ideas. It means a construct, it means a good history. So it’s an intellectual domination. Even with the political and economic changes that took place after World War II, what came from that era still stands. ” said Jaishnakar.

He added: “The second reason lies within ourselves. If you look at the past century, especially in Asia, many Asians themselves…have associated modernization with Westernization.”

EAM further stated that Westerners and the British “worked backward through history” to create an entire heritage of wisdom, knowledge and philosophy.

“Westerners and Britons have claimed to be the heirs of the Greeks and Romans. “You need legitimacy, you need a story. You, they created this whole legacy of wisdom, intellectual thought, philosophy,” he said. (Ani) The world remains markedly ‘Western’ in intellectual concepts and traditions even today: EAM Jaishankar

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