Then I met you UK Launch: News, Reviews and Prices

Then i met you have seriously It has established itself since its launch just three years ago. Already K-Beauty The brand is renowned for its effective custom formulas, beautiful and functional periwinkle blue tint packaging, and products that work hard and simplify all of us. skin care routine. They originally launched Stateside in 2018 and are now entering the UK market, which is only available to beauty retailers. Cult beauty..

Charlotte Cho, Esthetician, writer, and founder of Then I Met You sat down with GLAMOR and talked about everything about skin care.She dropped the details on the new one acid It’s going to belong to everyone lips (Or call it a face?), Real tea 10-step skin care routine How her brand is changing the UK skin care industry.

Charlotte’s Beauty Journey When she first moved from the United States to South Korea, she started almost nine years ago, where she spent five years in technology. “I didn’t have an expert beauty Total background. It was actually exactly the opposite.I spent some summer in the sun Sunscreen. I didn’t wash my face. There were no clues about skin care. She reveals.

Charlotte thought that skin care was something to worry about only when wrinkles began to appear. But there is a reason why we are all crazy about K-Beauty. Korean women aren’t really messing with skin care. It’s all part of their hygiene and part of their daily habits. Moreover, it was only a matter of time before Charlotte used it because they really knew themselves.

When she returned to New York in 2012, she came up with the idea of ​​Soko Glam, one of K-Beauty’s biggest e-tailers today. In fact, they were believed to have brought Korean beauty to the United States before it became an issue. She also decided to enroll in a beautician school. Six years later, Charlotte created “Then I Met You.” This is a unique interpretation of all the innovations I’ve seen in Korea, combined with her own favorite ingredients.

Korean culture not only influenced Charlotte’s deep passion for skin care, but also shared how she learned about JEONG. It’s hard to explain in Korean, but its definition is a deeply meaningful connection to someone or something. In fact, that’s why it’s behind the long brand name.

Charlotte chose to create a phrase, and she wanted the line to be rooted in the concept of charm. “Then i met you A phrase that makes you think about someone or something that has changed your life better. It was a little romantic and I wanted to make my line stand out. It felt like no one actually caused such an emotional reaction, “she says.

Not only aesthetically pleasing, Then I Met You is ready to change the way we grow our skin. This series goes beyond the basic idea of ​​self-care, focusing a little extra effort in the deeper and right place, and bringing real changes to the skin with natural premium ingredients.

Charlotte uncovers some of our skin care questions:

Q Why do you need double cleansing?

Ah “Discovery Double cleansing It really changed the game for me.Just cleanse with Oil cleanser And Aqueous cleanser It actually removes all these impurities, including those that are invisible to the naked eye. It also prevents premature aging and Breakout All of them Free radicals‘Injury can only be caused by contamination on the skin. Therefore, if you do not wash your skin aggressively and thoroughly, it will actually lead to the double pain of skin confusion. “

Charlotte Cho

Q What is the difference between toner and essence?

Ah “K-Beauty really moisturized me toner It’s all about resetting your pH, as well as providing hydration to prepare your skin for the rest of your skin care routine. essence Usually deep hydration. The differences really depend on the brand, product and ingredients. Not all toners are exactly the same. You may be able to use toner to skip the essence because they are both the same. In our brand, we wanted to make each step intentional and clear. Essences usually contain most of the fermented ingredients in the base of the product. In skin turnover every 28 days, fermented ingredients are used to help speed up cell turnover Brighter complexion

Charlotte Cho

Q Is Polyglutamic Acid a New Hyaluronic Acid?

Ah “Yes. I think so. Polyglutamic acid hyaluronic acid We all know that we love hyaluronic acid, but it’s actually four times more powerful. “

Charlotte Cho

Q What do peptides do and do we need them?

Ah “peptide [the building blocks of essential proteins needed for healthy skin] Very powerful, but often injected into heavy formulas. When you think of people who want peptides, they generally treat aging as their number one concern. Peptides have been found to not actually deliver well to the skin in very emollient and concentrated formulations. It is best to inject the peptide into a less emollient formulation, as very heavy emollients can adhere to the surface of the skin and do not penetrate deep enough to rehydrate. “

Charlotte Cho

Q What other ingredients should I know about?

Ah “Seaberry gives the product this very bright orange color, which is powerful AntioxidantWhen crushed, small fruits release a small amount of oil, giving them high antioxidant power. Then there is birch milk, which, in combination with polyglutamic acid, has a brightening effect. “

Charlotte Cho

Q 10-Step Skin Care Routine: Effective or Exaggerated?

Ah “Why are people surprised? 10 stepsHow many did you count make up What items do you use every day? Korean beauty philosophy focuses on skin care. If it takes 10 minutes to put on the face and well over 10 steps, do not take the same amount of care and time to remove and grow the skin. Lower skin? That’s the idea, because when your skin is clean, your makeup will definitely look good. People were really intrigued because skin care wasn’t popular at the time. So I tried all 10 steps for about 15 or 30 days, and the results came out and spread through word of mouth. With skin hydration and nourishment, crazy results can be achieved. We always tell people, you don’t have to use 10 steps. That’s really what your budget and lifestyle allow, and what are your skin goals? “

Charlotte Cho

Now that you know the inside story, let’s start shopping. Here are all the new ThenIMetYou products you need to include in your beauty cabinet right now …

I met after buying everything

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Then I met you UK Launch: News, Reviews and Prices

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