These are the beauty products that our favorite musicians swear

From Amy WinehouseSignature liner BlondieBlond hair, beauty and music bearing the name of have long been intertwined, both providing creative output for expression. In fact, the industry has always been a hotbed of inspo that pushes boundaries. BowieLightning is a phenomenon of pop culture, Madonna Established one of the best-selling red lipsticks today as a hot beauty brand Mac Created the iconic Russian red for her Blonde Ambition tour in 1990.

Creativity aside, from a purely practical point of view Musician You need to know theirs when it comes make up..In terms of endurance, few people can tell you which one Basics Can withstand megawatt spotlights and high intensity dance routines. lipstick Even if you have a microphone for HD performance close to you, you can stay close to it.

Of course, when your makeup is that bulletproof, you will also be pretty professional in solving which cleanser You can melt the entire lot to make a plug hole.

Therefore, we want to know which beauty products are the hiding place for our favorite music stars. Do you also want a rifle? Below is a list of the products they swear to create a signature look …

Billie Eilish

BillyKnown for his laid-back beauty approach and experimental hair approach. She is known for leading the vegan lifestyle and she seems to put this philosophy into her beauty routine. With the appearance of the red carpet, she is known to rock the entire surface of the vegan makeup brand MILK. Her make-up artist Robert Ramsey has listed details of all the products Billy’s red carpet was used to prepare for this year’s Grammy Awards. Instagram post..The appearance of the brand Vegan Milk Moisturizer (£ 34) Refillable to prepare Sunshine Skin Tint (£ 39) With light coverage Cush mascara (£ 22)..Meanwhile, on Instagram Live with recent fans, the singer casually applied a swipe. Coconut Lip Gloss in Copal – Fully vegan for only £ 12.

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Megan Thee Stallion

Remember what we said about removing performance proof makeup?Megan said Harper’s Bazaar “Every night, before going to bed, I have to wash away the 20 pounds of makeup I have all day, whether it’s hot girl work, shooting on set, talking to a cute boy. Literally wash away all hot girls. Then I wore a little moisturizer and a little Bio oil.. If you’re wondering about a cleanser for work, the singer swears: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (£ 6.26).. “I also have sensitive skin,” she revealed. “Something causes me to break out. Sometimes I find this is the only one I can use, as many are so harsh on my skin.”

When it comes to makeup, Meg is the face of Revlon cosmetics and posted a video showing some of her favorite picks from the brand.She shared the cut crease concealer trick ColorStay Full Coverage Concealer (£ 6.99) And that ColorStay Lookbook Original Palette (£ 8.99).. “If you can blend, make-up is your friend,” she told her followers. And when it comes to bespoke lip colors, “I always blend a lot of lipsticks,” Meg said. Her combination? Revlon Super Lustrous The Luscious Mattes Lipstick in Hot Chocolate (£ 8.99) Line your lips and shade Secret story (also £ 8.99) in the center. She told her fans, “Gloss is my favorite, so I’ll add a lot of gloss” before blending. Chocolate Crush Super Lustrous Gloss (£ 6.99) Overlay the shade around the contours of her lips Lean in (£ 6.99) in the center.With false eyelashes So intense mascara (£ 8.99)..

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Dua Lipa

All of this shows make-up, so a great skin care routine is key. Dua Lipa I will prove it. “I’m very tidy. I wash off my makeup every night Pie Rosehip Cleansing Oil (£ 33), Then using a cream cleanser, Probiotic serum (£ 100) And Face cream (£ 51) By Esse, “she said. stylist.. And when I’m not on stage, I like to keep my makeup modest with just mascara and lip balm. “I love Grossier’s Birthday (£ 10), It just smells very good, “she said. “And YSL mascara (£ 25.20) It is my favorite. It’s so rich that just applying mascara makes you feel like you’ve done this crazy make-up. “

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Ariana Grande

Oh, the joy of social media to get an internal scoop of a celebrity beauty cabinet.After finding Ali with dirty eyes in a morning selfie, fans asked if she had committed the basic sin of sleeping in makeup, before she confronted another person. I said I admit what she did Tweet “Still removing dead skin, Lamer mask LEAVE ME ALONE SIS. And when I looked up the other skincare heroes she swore, “I Neutrogena wipe And Coconut oil If my eyelash glue is annoying … and Burt’s Bees Wipe.. Am I always wrong? I’m sorry, pls can help me. “

If you’re wondering how she created the trademark flick, her make-up artist Ashley K. Holm admitted that the singer wore several different liners. ,she is NUDESTIX Rock’n Roller Waterproof Eyeliner (£ 20) To a singer.

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For more information from GLAMOUR’s Deputy Cosmetology Editor, Elle Turner is following her on Instagram. @elleturneruk..

These are the beauty products that our favorite musicians swear

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