ThetaRay Moves to Cloud with $ 31 Million Fundraising

ThetaRay, an Isralei fintech that allows banks to monitor payment traffic to explore the risks of money laundering, has completed a $ 31 million funding round.

New investors include Eric Benhamou, who is investing through Benhamou Global Ventures, and the Saints Fund, which has appointed one of its management partners as an observer on ThetaRay boards. Existing supporters such as Our Crowd, Bank Hapoalim and SBT also participated.

With the new funding, ThetaRay’s total funding will be over $ 90 million. The company plans to use the funds raised to sell a cloud version of its AI-based anomaly detection product, expanding its target audience to any organization that handles cross-border payments.

Thetaray is designed to unobstruct compliance within the international trade artery and has recently been swarmed with the governments of Nigeria and Ukraine and international banks to discontinue the use of international remittance networks to launder cash. Won a contract with.

Erel Margalit, Chairman of ThetaRay, commented: “What Swift did to the banking industry 25 years ago, ThetaRay plans to do it to the banking industry over the next decade. Excluding financial cybercriminals will enable business security and international cooperation. . A secure system created by ThetaRay with a bank. ”

ThetaRay Moves to Cloud with $ 31 Million Fundraising

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