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Thousands of Tesco Depot staff will strike a few days before Christmas

Supermarket giant Tesco faces potential turmoil by Christmas as more than half of the 22 UK distribution centers have depot staff planning strikes.

Union Usdaw said 5,000 members have rejected the proposed 4% annual salary increase and will join Unite union members to carry out industrial activities at distribution centers in a total of 14 supermarket chains, including Magor. ..

Unite’s representative workers, including warehouse staff and HGV drivers, are based at the sites of Antrim, Belfast, Didcot and Doncaster.

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Usdaw said members voted to take action not only on Magor’s site, but also on Daventry, Google, Hinckley, Richfield, Livingston, Peterbara and Southampton sites.

According to Unite, the Didcot and Doncaster sites will experience an initial 48-hour outage at 6 am on December 16th, followed by an additional five-day outage on December 20th.

They also plan to stop at Doncaster and Didcot for 48 hours from December 30th and for three days from January 5th, 2022.

Tesco said the offer to pay was fair and the spokeswoman said it would mitigate the turmoil caused by industrial activity by Christmas.

The Usdaw action affects nine Tesco distribution sites. However, it follows a warning from 1,200 Tesco staff represented by the Unite union, saying it will also carry out industrial activities at five distribution centers before Christmas.

Unite argued that a 4% increase in wages due to inflation was equivalent to a “reduction in real wages.” Living expenses in October rose 4.2% to the highest level in almost 10 years.

Tesco is the UK’s largest supermarket and has a consistent share of over 25% of the market.

Joanne McGuinness, State Responsible for Usdaw, said the members “sent a clear message.”

She states: “I hope the company listens and returns to the negotiating table with better deals that are accepted by its members.

“We can avoid the possibility of industrial behavior and store shortages in the week before Christmas. The company needs to actively negotiate with Usdaw and is ready to resume negotiations.”

Unite said the salary increases offered by the company are “well below” the current Retail Price Index. This is another measure of inflation, 6%.

Secretary-General Sharon Graham said:

She warned that strikes could lead to a shortage of some products when supermarkets are already struggling to procure what they need in supply chain problems.

A Tesco spokeswoman said he was confident that customers could carry out their plans during Christmas.

“Our distribution colleagues have been working hard on the pandemic to keep the product running for our customers. The paid offers we make are fairly aware of this.” She said.

A spokeswoman added that paid offers are one of Tesco’s highest distribution businesses in the last 25 years.

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Thousands of Tesco Depot staff will strike a few days before Christmas

Source link Thousands of Tesco Depot staff will strike a few days before Christmas

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