Three Affordable Cult Skin Care Brands Landing on Boots

We admit it, we skin care Lovers, nothing excites us more than discovering New skin care brand or ingredient It really works-what we urgently feel the need to share with y’all. Even better when you don’t have to troll random websites to track them or pay exorbitant international shipping charges for the joy of getting them.

You know our best friend, boots, British Queen Main street??Someone who panicked and was with us Hand gel Purchase (ta, Covid for that) and advanceholiday Mini deodorant/Dry shampoo/tampon-Aisle dash (let’s expect these to come back soon). Well, you probably know that when it comes to dropping some cult brands (including Fenty Beauty and The Ordinary) in stores and online, they’re seriously pulling it out of their bags-things. This month we have a large selection of affordable, high-performance skin care products, thanks to the step-up again. Want a juicy Intel? Notable are the following …

Glow hub

Launched last summer, this Gen-Z skincare brand, which just hit the boots, is a favorite in stores and online. It’s like a lover of Glossier and Milk Makeup. This is a shelf-worthy candidate that offers a pick-and-mix approach to multitasking ingredients and skin care concerns. Instagram shine Packaging.

Target everything from Breakout To Dry, Redness Oily,all Glow hub The product has been dermatologically tested and is vegan and non-abuse. Best of all, it’s also a mega wallet-friendly skincare brand, with products ranging from £ 6 to £ 12. There are three core collections to choose from. Calm & Soothe, Purify & Brighten, Nourish & Hydrote (and core staples suitable for all skin routines).

Our favorite is Glow Hub Jit Zap Wand A brand that has already proven to be a hit for boot shoppers thanks to spot treatments (£ 6), spot busting BHA salicylic acid to remove inflammation and pore clogging, and tea tree oil soothing. One of the bestsellers. One reviewer on the boots website said that rollerball treatment “works astoundingly,” while another reviewer “used it on facial and neck spots, but fell considerably after 24 hours. “.

We are also big fans of Glow Hub Purify & Brighton Super Serum (£ 12), Supercharged Brightening Serum with exfoliating salicylic acid and detoxified black tea extract, antioxidant-rich blueberries and soothing white yanagi bark. One of the recent boot reviewers said the product “makes the skin visibly brighter.” Another person added, “Since using this, I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the skin. It’s much brighter and I’ve seen a reduction in breakouts.”


We have been fans of the United States for a long time Wellness brand blissGetting their product in the UK has historically been pretty tricky. Well, that’s up to now. Fortunately, Bliss has just stopped by boots, in-store and online, giving us all the chance to enjoy gorgeous, diligent yet luxurious treatments. That’s exactly what we need right now.

The USP is: All Bliss products are non-abuse and do not contain parabens or SLS. This has always been a big problem for us. Some of our top picks are: Briskria Genius Clarifying Gel Cleanser (£ 9.99), this can only be said to be a bottled facial, super calm, super gentle, but thanks to salicylic acid zapping the pores and Brazilian seawater, a very necessary restart for the skin Give. Detoxification and sedation.

We also defend the newly released ones Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C + Tripeptide Moisturizer (£ 19.99), it delivers high doses but no irritation of vitamin C directly to where the skin needs it most. It’s plump, bright, moisturizing and gives off an incredible glow. Other important ingredients of this include green tea extract, which helps protect against free radical damage, and a plant-derived carbohydrate complex that binds to the skin to provide ultra-deep hydration.

Take pride in your skin

You may have heard Take pride in your skinLaunched last April, it quickly topped the skin care list of all Gen-Z beauty enthusiasts, with one product sold every 7 minutes within 24 hours of its debut. Not surprisingly, we’ve landed this glorious Instagram-worthy brand on Boots in-store and online. It’s all about cutting skin care car faffles, with an amazing candid, transparent and effective lineup of 100% vegan and affordable skin care, ranging from £ 7.95 to £ 14.95.

Here are some of the highlights of the collection: Skin Proud Sorbet Skin Everyday Jelly Moisturizer (£ 13.95), powerful Face cream The four-part hyaluronic acid complex that immerses the skin in a lightweight, oil-free gel makes it a punch when it comes to hydration. A reviewer with boots wrote: “I feel like marshmallows are being rubbed on my face. My morning skin is very soft and it’s very effective under makeup.”

The· Skin Proud Recharge Serum (£ 13.95) is another shout-about product in the collection you’ll want to try. With hyaluronic acid and rosehip oil, this lightweight 0.5% retinol serum works on dreaming nights, tones the skin and promotes cell regeneration, so you literally wake up with a radiant face. I will. A boots reviewer wrote: The scars on the face have been greatly reduced, the skin is very soft and very bright, and the dark-eyed ring is considerably brighter. ”

Need more temptation to shop? We didn’t think so.

Scoop Buy your Glow Hub, Bliss and Skin Proud collections now.

Three Affordable Cult Skin Care Brands Landing on Boots

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