Three-quarters do not meet NHS exercise goals

Currently, two in five adults are more concerned about physical health than before Covid, but few have achieved the exercise goals recommended by the NHS.

Nafield Health Healthier national indexIn an annual survey investigating how people manage their health and well-being, 40% of respondents said they have been more concerned about their physical health since the outbreak of the pandemic. Nevertheless, it was found that 15% of adults did not exercise at all last year.

Three-quarters of the 8,000 people surveyed admitted that they did not meet the NHS’s recommended weekly goal of 75 minutes of strenuous exercise. Respondents completed only 40 minutes of exercise per week on average.

More than a quarter (27%) said they were more willing to exercise to help their mental health than those motivated by the fact that they helped their physical health (21%).

Healthcare charities said employees should be encouraged to find 5 minutes a day to develop healthy exercise habits.

Gosia Bowling, leader of emotional well-being at Nuffield Health, said: Faced two years after the pandemic.

“In five minutes a day, people can start on their way back to good health, overcome the first barriers and develop better habits. To restore and build a healthier country, emotions It is imperative to take a positive and connected approach to physical and physical well-being. “

Deterioration of mental health

According to the survey, one in three people feel that their mental health has deteriorated over the past year, and 37% say they are more interested in mental health than they were before the pandemic.

Despite a significant proportion of respondents reporting mental health concerns, two-thirds said they were reluctant to raise mental health and emotional concerns to their employers.

Bowling said it is more important than ever for employers to promote a comprehensive organization where people feel supported. This is especially during Mental Health Awareness Week (May 9-15, 2022), where the key theme is loneliness.

“It’s also important for employers to find ways to stay connected as they move to more hybrid and remote work patterns, which helps fight loneliness,” she said. rice field.

Three-quarters do not meet NHS exercise goals

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