TikTok Popularity Increases – More Than 1B Users

The increase in popularity of TikTok is the most recent topic of discussion in the western technology industry. Facebook is well-known as a popular social media platform that existed before TikTok. Due to TikTok’s rapid expansion, different organizations are leveraging this platform extensively to increase their ROI. The short videos on TikTok are so captivating that the average user spends nearly 90 minutes on the application.

Basically, this indicates how captivating the application is to users. According to research, 4.62 billion people use social media, and one billion of these users are currently TikTok users. This suggests that TikTok is now an excellent platform for marketing and other business-related endeavors. Businesses can now leverage the fact that TikTok has 1 billion users to research major trends and opinions.

In this article, you’ll learn how TikTok’s popularity has helped businesses. You will also know how TikTok’s popularity can significantly benefit you and your business.

So let’s begin.

How Businesses Benefit from TikTok’s popularity

You need to visualize TikTok as another gold mine to accomplish your business objectives. TikTok has the potential to assist businesses in reaching their target audiences in a manner comparable to Google. In this article, I will outline the two primary ways TikTok contributes to businesses’ growth.

Here are two broad categories of TikTok’s advantages for businesses.

  1. Data Research
  2. Brand Awareness

1.    Data Research

TikTok is not another Google, but its popularity has attracted more significant interest than usual. You may be surprised that many businesses rely on TikTok to collect business-related data. Most of this information aids stakeholders and managers in making intelligent decisions for business expansion. In fact, the efficacy of data research can help businesses excel in terms of brand recognition.

Therefore, businesses must implement data collection solutions like TikTok scrapers to collect sufficient relevant information. These specialized tools simplify monitoring and extracting data from the daily deluge of content produced on TikTok. Due to this, there are numerous TikTok scrapers on the market today.

Consider how TikTok scrapers can benefit your organization.

Presently, there are a variety of TikTok scrapers on the market, each with a distinct set of features and applications. Depending on the desired business outcomes, TikTok scrapers can collect various data. Examples of data that can be scraped on TikTok are Tiktok post titles, user bios, popular hashtags, followers, particular URLs for a post, etc.

It is essential, however, to select the most reliable scraper that meets business objectives.

2.    Brand Awareness

Research shows that brand awareness consistency increased revenue by 33%. Likewise, one of the ways to beat competitions is consistent brand awareness. Hence, businesses leverage social media to reach more customers. Thanks to TikTok’s popularity within a short period, businesses now relyon TikTokfor brand awareness.

Truly, many businesses implement different strategies to ensure and achieve brand awareness. In this section, you will see various branding techniques people use TikTok to achieve.


TikTok is expanding, and its popularity is aiding the expansion of numerous businesses. Additionally, research revealed how some companies benefited from TikTok.

Similarly, this article has demonstrated how businesses can profit from the most recent gold mine, TikTok. You can now advance your marketing strategy by collecting pertinent data on TikTok. Collecting and analyzing this information is a fantastic way to gain insight into your target audience’s consumption patterns and needs.

A reliable TikTok scraper can help you juice out all you need to reach your target audience.


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