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Tired mom aims to tackle the problem of dog stains in the village with her own contradictions

A woman who became increasingly frustrated by the regular appearance of dog stains in her village talked about how her creative thinking is now helping to tackle the problem.

Lucy Whitehead, 34, said she was tired and tired of the dog owner not picking up the pet mess near her house.

However, her frustration reached a new low last Friday, but she had to take her little son to a school in Barwell, Leicestershire and warn him along the way to avoid the mountains. It didn’t become.

Many children noticed that they had set foot, which urged her to cap her thoughts.

The result was the idea of ​​turning old PET bottles into poop bag dispensers that could be strategically placed in different parts of the village.

The mother then posted a photo of her invention on Facebook and received a lot of supportive comments from members who expressed their gratitude to the local community.

She almost agreed that she didn’t have to do that, but one said, “It’s a great idea! It’s a shame that there are so many irresponsible dog owners!”

Lucy said Leicestershire Live : “I’m really worried about my child’s hygiene.

“They could have brought it to school and ate or didn’t wash their hands before they noticed it, which isn’t fair. They don’t know more.”

Lucy, who owns three dogs herself, said she realized that after the blockade of the coronavirus, the problem of confusion seemed to be exacerbated.

She states: “Much more people have dogs during the blockade and may not be accustomed to chasing dogs.

“I love living in Burwell and I’m proud of our village, but this problem disappoints it.

“The local parish council was great. Whenever I report it, they send a team to clean it-but it doesn’t really solve the problem.”

By law, dog owners are fined £ 100 for walking their pets without a poop bag. This can be up to £ 1,000 if a proceeding is filed.

“I think this law is an opportunity for Congress to provide spot checks in problem areas. It would be fine to show them that I have a poop bag,” Lucy added.

“I think it really helps to deter people from changing their behavior.”

Her Facebook post received a lot of support, but some were wary that people could demolish the dispenser rather than use it for its intended purpose.

One commented: “It’s a great idea, but obviously most people probably [will] Do not use them. It really offends me when people don’t chase dogs-but you did well. I hope it works. “

“It’s a good idea in theory until a kid or a drunken idiot thinks it’s wise to pull them all out and confuse them,” another added.

In response to concerns, Lucy said: “Surprisingly, after posting, many people in the community have sent me messages to keep the dispenser from being demolished and to refill it if it’s empty.

“I’m really proud of our village. It would be great if other communities could do the same.

“I just want myself, my children, and everyone to live in a place that is cared for and respected.”

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Tired mom aims to tackle the problem of dog stains in the village with her own contradictions

Source link Tired mom aims to tackle the problem of dog stains in the village with her own contradictions

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