Top 10 gift ideas that would have been great for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to buy dad for the big day. A father is, after all, one of the most important people in your life. Seeing his face light up when he receives a gift from you is a priceless experience; something you desperately want to see.

And you are not alone. According to Statistica, 54% of men buy their father something for the big day—and that’s just in America!

However, trying to get that special gift is sometimes not as easy as it sounds. Our fathers can be fussy, or perhaps you’ve just exhausted all ideas and been left clueless. If this is the case, then this is the list for you!

  1. A Bottle of his favourite drink

If your dad likes to relax with a bottle of beer, enjoys a fine whisky after work, or is a fan of having a glass of red with his meal, then alcohol could be an ideal gift. Try to opt for something a bit special, like a gift set or a subscription box set.

  1. Books

Is your dad the kind of guy that likes to read about his favourite football team? Do you always see him with his nose in a thriller? If so, buying him a book or book voucher could be ideal.

  1. Clothing

Clothing is normally a safe bet when buying for your dad. Father’s Day falls in the summer months, so scarfs and hats might not seem too suitable. However, there are many nice shirts for men available.

  1. Travel accessories

Does your dad spend a lot of time in his car? Is he a keen cyclist? If so, this opens up a lot of options for you. You could choose something practical that will make his life easier, such as driving gloves, a hands-free kit, or a Sat Nav.

  1. Gadgets

If your dad is someone who loves tech, why not buy him something that will fascinate him for ages? From the latest drone to the newest tablet—where gadgets are concerned, the scope is almost limitless.

  1. Tools

If your dad is akeen D.I.Y enthusiast, then you can’t go wrong by adding some tools to his collection. Failing that, you could buy him something like a tool belt or toolbox. If you wish, you can have these items personalised or engraved, to add a special touch to the gift.

  1. Gardening

Many dads love to spend time in the garden. If your dad is one of these men, then he is bound to appreciate something that helps him with his hobby.

  1. Barbeques

If your dad loves to be behind a BBQ on a beautiful summer’s day, then there is a wide range of gifts—personalised or practical—that you can choose from.

  1. Toiletries

From his favourite aftershave to an electric shaving set, there are many bathroom accessories and toiletries that your dad will appreciate.

  1. Personalised gifts

You probably know your dad more than many. As such, you may have a good idea of what makes him tick and what will really make him happy. Can you get him something special connected with his favourite football team? Can you buy him something that will remind him of a special time from his past?


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