Top 5 Signs You May Need A Hair Transplant

So many people look into the mirror every day and don’t realize that their hair isn’t like what it used to be. If the hair loss is permanent, the progression of the pattern baldness continues for years. Meanwhile, the hair thins and recedes. If baldness runs in the family, many people already have an idea of how their future heads would look like. Rather than enduring the pain of permanent hair loss, many choose medical tourism and have an affordable hair transplant in Turkey.

You don’t have to wait for the scalp to start showing through the hair. You only need to look out for a few signs to know that you need a hair transplant and no other hair loss solution will work out for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Decreasing Hair Density

A very easy way to find out if you’re losing hair over time is to just take out an old photograph of yourself. It doesn’t have to be childhood old, old; you can look at one from a couple of years back and compare it to a recent one. Those who’re losing hair along the hairline can easily notice the recession.

If the angle of the photo’s so that you can see the top and the crown of the food, you might notice that more of your scalp is visible in the recent photos. That’s a sure sign that you’re losing your hair permanently and need a hair transplant.

You’ve Tried Every Hair Loss Treatment Under the Sun

You could’ve probably saved yourself a lot of time and money if you had just gotten a diagnosis from your doctor. Many people go out on their own trying to look for a treatment for their hair loss, thinking that it’s seasonal because of stress, diet, or something else.

For that, they end up buying hair shampoos, masks, conditioners, and serums that won’t help you with genetic hair loss in any way. That’s because the underlying source of the problem is still there. So, if you have already tried everything and nothing has worked out, chances are that you need a hair transplant.

You’re Shedding More than Normal

It’s normal to lose around 100-150 hair strands in a day. Now, of course, you can’t count how much hair that is. But you might get an idea if the hair loss is more than usual if you’re seeing your hair strands in every corner of the house. Be it the bathroom drain, bed pillow, back of a sofa/chair, or hair comb. If it is very sudden, it may be symptomatic of some other problem, so you should get yourself checked.

Your Hair Loss Has Been Going On For Years

Male pattern baldness can begin right after the teenage year. However, only 25% of males lose hair at that time. More than half of them start losing their hair after the age of 35. After 50, most of them will have noticeable baldness. In females, usually, menopause marks the onset of pattern baldness. So, if you’ve been losing your hair for more than a few years now, it’s a sign that you need a hair transplant.

Crown & Hairline Recession

In androgenetic alopecia, there is a definite pattern of hair loss. The hairline starts receding and thinning, and the hair loss starts occurring in the crown region (the highest point of the scalp). Either it can occur in both areas together or just one area.

It continues until the person is left with hair on the back and sides of the head. In women, the thinning begins at the part line but can occur all over the scalp. If that’s the case with you, a hair transplant is your answer.


With just one procedure, all your hair loss can come to an end. The surgeon will use your hair from the sides and the back, so the results are natural-looking. And if you’re worried about the cost, you should consider getting the treatment in Turkey.


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