Top 8 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Video Engagement

Launching a video marketing campaign that works and leads to conversions isn’t easy these days. There’s a lot of competition and everyone seems to be making videos for their brand. So, how do you ensure that you stay ahead of the competition by being unique? For starters, you can try this tool to use a video maker online. It will definitely improve your videos with thousands of templates to choose from.

One of the best ways to promote your brand and attract clients while getting more leads is by advertising. When you want to advertise effectively, videos will help a lot. People watch videos all the time on social media. Therefore, you need to ensure that you boost your video engagement for better ad performance. Here are the top eight ways to do this.

Create HD Videos using a Video Maker Online

Video is definitely the king of content right now. So, this means that a lot of people will be creating videos in a bid to win over customers. As a brand, you need to follow this same direction and come up with creative videos. However, the catch is that you shouldn’t just create any video. Ensure that you create a HD video for social media every time.

Social media platforms, and even their users, expect high-definition videos. And to achieve this, you can use a good video maker online. You will get thousands of templates that you can choose from to curate video content. All of these templates are in high definition.

Hook the Customers from the Beginning

You need to be captivating with your videos right from the start. In fact, the first few seconds are the most critical. They will determine whether the client continues to view the video or not.

A potent and effective hook is the best way to ensure you maintain your customers’ attention from the start. And this can help you to increase engagement. A good opening will also tease the topic or subject of the video. But ensure that it is brief and straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush too much when creating a hook.

Have a Structure

You need to divide your video into different segments to make a structure. This also helps to make sure that the client understands the video well. A good video maker online should help you do this very easily. A structure should have a beginning, the mid-section, and the end. It makes the video a lot easier to follow.

Be Present

Your appearance in the videos that you post on social media can help clients build trust with you and your brand. Most people want to know the face that is behind the brand. When they have faith and trust in your brand, they can easily comment, like, and share your videos. Your engagement will definitely go up afterwards. Being present forms a better relationship with clients and the brand. Therefore, your customers are more likely to be in touch with you for longer.

Add Text and Subtitles using Your Video Maker Online

A subtitle can save your video from being disregarded in so many ways. For instance, when you have someone in your audience with hearing difficulties, they will definitely skip your video if there’s no subtitle or text. In other scenarios, you may have a part of your audience who aren’t native speakers of your language. So, they may fail to understand exactly what you mean or say unless there are subtitles to help.

Lastly, some of your audience may be in a public or noisy area without headphones or headsets. Thus, they will only continue viewing the video if there are subtitles, as they can’t hear you clearly. Now you see how important subtitles are? Well, a video maker online can easily help you add subtitles and text to your video.

Make it Mobile-Friendly

In this age of smartphones and mobile devices, you need to ensure that your video is responsive on these devices. Otherwise, your audience using mobile phones will disregard your videos or skip them due to being unresponsive.

Failing to optimise your videos for mobile is an expensive error to make. In fact, note that most of your audience uses mobiles to view content on social media. They would rarely use desktops for this purpose.

Add Some Fun and Humour

Don’t just make a boring video. It will be demotivating to the viewers. Ensure you add some fun and humour to spice it up and make it more interesting. People are more interested in content that makes them smile, laugh, or feel connected to it when they watch. With the many templates present in a video maker online, this should be quite easy to achieve.

 Keep it Short and Straight to the Point

Avoid spending too much time explaining points in your videos. Be succinct and straight to the point. People have limited concentration spans these days, and you need to note this while creating your videos.

Final Thoughts

So, those are eight of the best social media marketing tips that can help you increase engagement for your videos. Don’t forget to take your time and find the best video maker online that you will use in creating the right videos for social media.


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