Top companies hired in December 2021

Want to start Christmas with a new job? These cracking companies are hiring …

We are in the last month of 2021, but when it comes to the employment market, there are no signs that things will slow down. In fact, in December, thousands of great companies are actively hiring both seasonal staff and full-time team members.

So yours CV is up to date And celebrate the festive season with a new job. Here are just five great companies looking for staff in December to help you get started.


Looking for a job that promises to offer? I’ll have you cover it.

Perhaps one of the most famous brands in the world, Amazon is a multinational company specializing in e-commerce, digital streaming (Amazon Prime TV), and AI (“Alexa, what time?”).

One of Amazon’s unique selling points is the ability to deliver daily necessities quickly. To do this, they need an army of people – in fact about 55,000 in the UK – and this number is constantly increasing.

This year alone, Amazon has opened five new parcels and distribution centers in Hinckley, Doncaster, Dartford, Gateshead and Swindon. We will also add team members to our headquarters in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge.

To add your name to the list of Amazon employees, search for and apply for an open role now.

Demanding role:

Three things you may not know about Amazon

  • Amazon was originally called Abracadabra
  • All employees spend two days a year at the customer service desk to get to know Amazon’s customers better. In the early days, the bell rang every time a sale was made. It would be nice to know that they wouldn’t do this anymore …

position: All over the UK

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Smyths toys

Want to go back to an era when Christmas was all about toys and games? You are lucky

The mission of Smyths Toys is to provide our customers with a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices. So far, it’s difficult to discuss customer success. With over 100 stores across the UK, Ireland and Europe, we have everything from baby toys and trampolines to board games such as Boggle and stunning Lego sets.

In-store work is available at shops across the country, and Christmas is a busy time for toy stores, so you won’t get bored. Let’s start the game …

Demanding role:

The benefits of working with SmythsToys are:

  • Excellent career advancement
  • Generous staff discounts (shoppers just before Christmas rejoice)
  • Other benefits include a good corporate pension plan, flexible parental and maternity leave, and years of service rewards.

position: All over the UK

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Perfume shop

Perfume stores are the largest perfume retailers in the UK and Ireland. Headquartered in Buckinghamshire’s lush High Wycombe, perfume stores have a variety of smaller stores nationwide, with concessions based in other stores such as Super Drugs.

Talent is prioritized over experience at The Perfume Shop, so if you have good customer service skills and a passion for retailing, there’s a job waiting for you.

Career success never smelled so sweet …

Demanding role:

Three Facts About The Perfume Shop:

  • Originally known as the Eau Zone
  • Perfume store will be 30 years old in 2022
  • There are more than 250 perfume stores in the UK and Ireland

position: Headquarters based in High Wycombe, and elsewhere throughout the UK

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Rank group

What is the odds of having a great career and a fun job? 100% in Rank Group.

The Rank Group initially started operating cinemas, but now its business focuses solely on the gambling sector and owns brands such as Mecca and Grosvenor Casino.

People are at the heart of Rank Group’s success and are looking for passionate and active individuals to join the team in many important places.

So if you enjoy working in a fun environment with different paces every day, Rank Group has a variety of jobs that are right for you.

Demanding role:

Benefits of working in Rank Group:

  • Excellent career advancement
  • Excellent employee training program
  • Opportunity to work with a wide range of people

position: London, Maidenhead, Taplow, Birmingham, and elsewhere throughout the UK

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If you don’t like the work tied to the desk from 9-5, being a delivery driver may be perfect for you.

Yodel is one of the UK’s largest delivery providers, delivering millions of businesses and individuals each week. To that end, it employs more than 10,000 people throughout the year, with thousands more self-employed drivers joining the team to cover the peak Christmas season.

You don’t need delivery experience to become a Yodel delivery driver, but you need a full driver’s license, a small car or van, and a smartphone. If you have all of the above and you want to go to a place in your career, look for and apply for a Yodel job today.

Demanding role:

delivery: Adopted Yodel driver, Delivery Driver – Self-employed

other: UX designer, Senior category buyNS, Java developer

Three fast facts about yodeling:

  • Originally known as a courier network
  • Yodeling is owned by billionaire Berkeley Brothers
  • We will process more than 14 million packages by Christmas (Santa)

position: All over the UK.

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Top companies hired in December 2021

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