Top Tips for Keeping the Family Fit Over the Holidays

The holidays are a special time when you get to gather with loved ones to celebrate family and togetherness. Many people also consider it the ideal time to feast and enjoy their favourite meals. Therefore, you end up with a mix of giving, enjoyment and indulgence throughout the period.

The most prevalent effect of great holiday enjoyment often manifests in the waistlines. While it is a period of celebration where you can indulge and be merry, it can also throw off any progress you have achieved in your physical fitness throughout the year. So why not mitigate the need to make the same new years’ resolutions by creating a workable balance to keep your family fit over the holidays? Here are a few tips on how to do so.

Keep Active

The primary essence of the holidays is downtime from school and work, if possible. It is the one time when everyone can switch to full vacation mode. In many cases, this switch often manifests in less physical activity. Even your exercise routine is liable to be set aside. After all, what is a few missed sessions; you can always get back to it afterwards. However, you are advised to avoid taking a break. Instead, it is better to maintain your regular fitness regimen. In fact, physical activities are good digestion aids, so go for a brisk walk with your loved ones after your meals instead of setting yourself up on the couch.

Keep to a Specific Eating Schedule

If you and your family have a specific meal schedule or your body is accustomed to a particular eating routine, it is better to stick to your norms. Avoid making drastic temporary changes like skipping meals to make room for the generous sumptuous offerings at holiday parties, as that will likely lead to overeating and overindulging. You are only risking future discomfort and even lack of energy. Therefore, encourage your family to stick to their usual eating habits throughout the holidays with few deviations.

Get Creative About Activity Planning

With your children spending all their time at home on account of the school holidays, they are also away from their usual physical activity outlets, especially if they participate in organised sports. Therefore, you may find it challenging to motivate them to remain active because of a general lack of interest. Consequently, this situation calls for you to get creative. Find some fun, physically engaging activities to pique their interest and encourage participation. For starters, you can try spending time at a park or even steering them toward some new hobbies.

Plan Ahead

Without the constant routine of going to work and school, you may lose a little bit of the structure it provides. Unfortunately, that difference may also affect your fitness regimen. So plan ahead to avoid falling into a cycle of skipped gym sessions. If you have to, you can create a modified exercise schedule for yourself and your family with incentives to get them to stick to it. Alternatively, you can also consider joining a local sports club. There, your family can participate in group activities and access fitness equipment you may not have at home.

Be Strategic as You Indulge

Admittedly, the best thing about the holidays is undeniably the food. However, you must maintain some balance and avoid overindulging throughout the season. Instead, try setting up a system that allows you to enjoy your favourite meals a little at a time over an extended period.

You don’t have to choose between physical fitness and fully enjoying yourself this holiday season. Instead, a little mindfulness and a good plan will help keep your family fit throughout.


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