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Tory officials warn truss against “damaging patriotism” by protocol bill critics

Conservative Chairman of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Simon Hoare Both for and against the government’s plan to authorize the ministers to revoke some of the post-Brexit agreements on Northern Ireland were speaking in discussions arguing that patriotism underpins their position. ..

Mr. Hoa said he had “grave concerns” about the Northern Ireland Protocol bill, which he described as a “failure of national technology.”

When asked at Commons why Foreign Minister Liz Truss did not use the conflict mechanism contained in the treaty agreed with the EU, part of the reason she submitted the bill was “because I am a patriot.” Said that.

Mr. Hoa intervened and said: I think it’s a false mess. “

Elsewhere in the debate, a conservative former Prime Minister Theresa May “As a patriot, I don’t want to do anything to undermine the country in the eyes of the world,” he said, stating that the bill would violate international law and outline her opposition to the government’s plans. Added.

Former Labor Minister Sir Tony Lloyd made a similar point, as Britain is “true patriotism” and not just “waving the Jingoism flag”, so encourage others to comply with international law and standards. He said he could ask.

Mr. Truss’s remarks on patriotism have responded to Labor Party Hilary Benn (Leeds Central). He states: Propose this kind of bill. “

He asked: Did you insist on the need to abolish the negotiated and signed treaty? “

Mr. Truss replied: “The reason I submit this bill is because I am a patriot and a Democrat. Our top priority is to protect the peace and political stability of Northern Ireland and to protect the Good Friday Agreement. What (he) proposed does not achieve its purpose. “

Foreign Minister Liz Truss (House of Commons / Pennsylvania) / / PA wire

After the exchange, Mr. Hoa said: “The Foreign Minister knows that I have serious concerns about her bill.

“But I can ask her to calmly reflect on praying for patriotism to protect it.

“Does she seriously blame the patriotism of this house-wide colleague who is concerned about her bill?

“I realized it was a false mess.”

The Foreign Minister said: “

Later in the debate, Mr. Hoa said: “I think this bill is a failure of national technology and is endangering Britain’s reputation.

“The arguments that support it are, at best, flimsy and, in the worst case, unreasonable.

“It is a bill that risks financially harmful retaliation and risks damaging our reputation as a guardian of international law and rule-based systems.

“How can we expect to speak authoritatively with others in the name of heaven when we avoid the moment we realize our legal obligations?”

Tory officials warn truss against “damaging patriotism” by protocol bill critics

Source link Tory officials warn truss against “damaging patriotism” by protocol bill critics

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