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So what do lucky depositors have? In essence, the fascinating yet rough GT86 evolution was introduced in 2012 and captivated everyone who drove one in anger (especially wet) but never made Toyota numbers. .. It’s unlikely that you’ll be in the red, with only 7,500 units sold here in nine years, but there’s no doubt that you’ve made only a small profit. What it did for both Toyota’s interior and enthusiast recognition was much more valuable. The GT86 paved the way for the final revival of the Supra, and the bright red GR Yaris, and now its own successor, the GR86. All of these were widely respected and even respected by the initials.

According to the silhouette, the GR86 has a front engine and rear drive, 2 + 2 seats. Its GT86 predecessor, 1998cc Flat 4, was re-awarded, but only after major surgery. Since the car’s architecture can’t increase the stroke, the bore has increased dramatically instead, and the unit has become oversquare to 2387cc.

Additional capacity, along with stronger connecting rods, thicker crankshaft pins, redesigned intake manifolds, larger intake valves, new valve springs, and a larger throttle body, is responsible for raising from 197bhp to 231bhp and 151lbft to 184lbft. I will do it. Turbocharger? Not yet found anywhere, and that may mean that the output remains at the tame end of the spectrum, but the restraint weight of the manual GR86 also remains fairly low at 1276 kg-only 37 kg more than the GT86. However, Toyota is two cars with the same specs, and GR is 10kg lighter than GT.

With the exception of the tires, the engine is probably the only biggest change to the package, everything else hasn’t changed or has evolved subtly. The GR86’s brakes and electro-hydraulic steering are taken over directly from the GT86, as is Torsen’s rear differential (with the addition of cooling fins) and final drive ratio, but the gearset is new in both manual and car qualities. It’s new for 2.4 of delivery.

In a tight cabin that isn’t claustrophobic, it has solid but decent support, similar to a GT-style view, and the 5mm-down seat is very familiar. It still works well, with a driving position and street fighter atmosphere. But likewise, the material finishes a bit better and the dashboard upper feels like rubber, but the location still seems to be costly. Most owners (rumored to be the lucky souls of 430 people in the UK) will be happy to accept the compromise-plastic toggles, scratched plastic, aftermarket-looking alcantara-and fairness. You can load Android Auto and Apple Carplay on the touch screen display, which is a significant improvement over before. Still, the MX-5 is cramped compared to the larger GR86, but it looks and feels sophisticated.

Toyota GR86 Review (2022) | Autocar

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