Tragic Joanna Simpson’s mother meets with Attorney General, pleads to stop murderer’s release

Tragic Joanna Simpson’s mother met with Attorney General this week to demand her stop murderer of daughter From being released from prison.

Mother Diana Parks fears retaliation from Robert Brown. murdered his estranged wife Joanna In 2010, at my parents’ house within earshot of my two children.


Diana Parks and Hetty Burkworth-Nanton thanked the Attorney General for the opportunity to meet this weekCredit: Twitter

he was acquitted murder He has served 13 years in prison for manslaughter and is due to be released in November.

The Joanna Simpson Foundation told The Sun, “The Joanna Simpson Foundation appreciates Attorney General Alex Chalk for taking the time to meet with Diana Parks and Hetty Berkworth Nanton. .

“Diana and Hetty were able to explain to Alex Chalk why Robert Brown should not be given an automatic early release this November.

“Robert Brown is a dangerous man.” ManIf he is released, the safety of women and girls will be at risk. We will continue to urge the Attorney General to exercise his powers to block the early release of Mr. Robert Brown and to keep him out of new Joes.

“The Joanna Simpson Foundation continues to urge the public to write to their local legislators so that the Attorney General can understand the public’s outcry that the murderer may be released later this year.

“As always, a huge thank you to all the campaigns that have supported The Sun.”

“It was an honor to meet Princess Diana and Ms. Hetty yesterday. What they have been through is unimaginable and their strength is truly inspiring,” the attorney general tweeted. rice field.

“I will be watching this incident very carefully.”

Back in 2010, Brown hid the claw hammer he used to kill Joanna in his cellphone at home. childof school When he came to Ascott’s house to unload his luggage, Burks.

Brown hit Joanna 14 times in the head within earshot of her two children and pushed her dead body into the trunk of her car.

This lasted for a sustained period domestic abuse This included coercive domination, isolation, intimidation, and severe violence.

Brown buried Joanna in a pre-dug grave. And surprisingly, despite all this, he was convicted only of manslaughter by mitigation of liability.

Diana Parks, Joanna’s mother – who inspired you Camilla, Queenjoining her in a passionate campaign against domestic violence means seeking “that the punishment is commensurate with the crime.” Tragic Joanna Simpson’s mother meets with Attorney General, pleads to stop murderer’s release

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