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Train-loving couples get a “dream come true” wedding with services from London to the west coast of Birmingham

The two train enthusiasts were greeted by a “dream” wedding on the West Coast Main Line service after winning a knot competition on board.

Video game journalist Laura Katedale is on Tuesday at 125mph on a 10:59 am service from podcaster Jane Magnet and London Euston to Birmingham New Street.

Eighteen guests were invited to a celebration that paid all the costs of the “Marriage Carriage”, and the couple had hours of parties with friends and family.

The winner of the contest got married on the Avanti West Coast Marriage Carriage with friends and family (Photo: Joe Pepler / PinPep).

Avanti West Coast has created custom headrests, train-themed wedding cakes, and a photo album to commemorate this opportunity to bring all its destinations to life. Tannoy’s announcement was their big day.

Dale (29 years old) NS: “I’m in the autism spectrum and I’m always crazy about trains. It’s a bit of an autism stereotype, but since I was a kid I’ve been watching trains pass by and driving trains. I’m crazy about playing video games in a train simulator.

“Wedding on the train is not your decision. I was very excited to see it.”

The newlyweds, who met at an internet game forum and united in “very ridiculous jokes, video games, cat photos,” tackled financial uncertainty and pandemic, before discovering Avanti’s competition, the registry office. I was planning a wedding in.

More than 150 couples whose wedding plans were delayed due to the pandemic participated in the contest (Photo: Joe Pepler / PinPep)

Both couples were transgender and had been engaged for three years. I didn’t want to get married without getting engaged, so I faced additional barriers to my fiancée. Legal gender recognition..

Dale said: “As transgender people, getting married as a wife to a wife required a gender identity certificate. This is a very complex and unnecessary long bureaucratic process.

“We really wanted it, so we postponed the marriage for a while. Gender Acknowledgment Law Reform It goes through in a meaningful way, but after it turns out that it can’t get meaningful changes, it goes through the system that currently exists.

“It was a year and a half of stressful paperwork, waiting and unnecessary discomfort, but it was finally completed earlier this year.

“It was a lot of logistical hurdles, so putting an all-cost wedding in front of us right after the blockade really helped a lot of what we had on our dishes. rice field.”

The wedding was the first time they had reunited with many of their friends, as the pair was trapped inside for most of the pandemic.

Mr. Magnet said as follows. After staying home for 18 months and not meeting anyone for a pandemic, it was really nice to get together and be surrounded by the people we really care about. “

The transgender couple faced a long battle to marry their wives as wives (Photo: Joe Pepler / PinPep).

While The British Rail system is not known for its perfect timekeepingThe service itself ran almost on time, but the couple boarded at the last minute in London Euston, causing most of their delays.

Mr. Magnet said as follows. “When the doors started to close, they definitely wanted to take more pictures in a minute, and I started to panic a bit.

“I was worried that it would be a marriage bus!”

Nata Shagris, Executive Director of Customer Experience at Avanti West Coast, said:

“We wanted to bring smiles back to people’s faces. Rather than helping a lucky couple finally celebrate a special day and reuniting with a loved one they had never seen before the pandemic. Is there a better way to do that?

“It was incredibly exciting and heartwarming for two big train fans, Laura and Jane, to ride the Avanti West Coast Pendolino to celebrate their dream wedding.

“This wedding is a highlight of our team and will be lovingly remembered for years to come.”

Train-loving couples get a “dream come true” wedding with services from London to the west coast of Birmingham

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