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Truss accused of “Turnip Farmer” Brexit speaking about Ireland

Cabinet Minister Liz Truss Once upon a time, the impact of no transactions Brexit In Ireland, a former British diplomat claims that it only affects “a few farmers who have turnips on trucks.”

Alexandra Hall Hall resigned from his role as a diplomat in the United States in 2019. She said she no longer wanted to “trampled the half-truth” on behalf of a leader who did not “trust”.

In response to the Foreign Minister’s plan to invalidate part of the Northern Ireland Protocol, Ms. Hall Hall said, “I am very pleased to see Liz Truss become a true expert on Irish affairs.”

Former official tweet: “[Ms Truss] After all, it was the minister who told the U.S. audience three years ago that Brexit wouldn’t have a serious impact on Ireland … it simply “affects a few farmers who have turnips behind the truck. Give it. “

A source close to Ms. Truss said she was unaware of the comments Ms. Hall Hall claimed.

Senior Tory executives visited the United States as Minister of International Trade in August 2019 to speak at the Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington, DC.

Supported Boris JohnsonA successful campaign for Tory leaders, she upheld his threat, EU Instead of canceling Brexit altogether, without a deal.

Ms. Hall Hall spent more than 30 years at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before quitting her job at the British Embassy in Washington in December 2019. She revealed that she was “disappointed” by the government’s reluctance to be honest about the “trade-offs” from Brexit.

She accused Johnson’s government of disregarding “the consequences of Brexit on the delicate peace process in Northern Ireland” in a 2021 article. Texas National Security Review..

Later, hinting at a statement about Irish turnip farmers, a former diplomat wrote: Brexit has only affected “a few farmers with turnips behind the truck,” she wrote.

Her tweet defended Ms. Truss’ controversial plan to invalidate part of the Protocol, arguing that actions to deal with the “very tough” situation in the region could not be delayed. I came to.

She told Times Radio: [Northern Ireland] Executive form from February. Therefore, you need to make these changes. And these changes … will be better for everyone. “

The Foreign Minister also claimed to be “legal” under international law and promised that the government would announce its legal position on the plan “very soon”.

The Republic of IrelandDeputy Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said on Wednesday that the move to not apply part of the Protocol without an agreement with the EU “does not pay much respect” to the British people.

Mr. Balladkar pointed out that 59 of the 90 MLAs in Staumont did not want to abandon the protocol, and British citizens voted on the ongoing Brexit agreement.

He told the RTE: “If Northern Ireland tries to impose what it doesn’t want on Northern Ireland, more people will move towards nationalism and move away from support for the coalition … it seems a bit puzzling.”

When asked about the potential for EU retaliation and the potential for trade wars, Mr. Balladkar said Britain “must do something” before Brussels could take action.

British Environment Minister George Eustice said speculation about the trade war was “very useless” and blamed “media hype.”

There is evidence of a “more measured tone” from Brussels, even though ministers warned that the EU would use “all free measures” if the UK changed the protocol without agreement. Insisted.

Truss accused of “Turnip Farmer” Brexit speaking about Ireland

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