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Truss says he won’t face stitch-ups as to whether Johnson misunderstood the Commons

Foreign Minister argues that Boris Johnson may face a “Kangaroo court” style investigation as parliamentarians are investigating allegations that he may have misunderstood the Commons over the “party gate.” I denied it.

Her comments will come later Telegraph newspaper report Sources in Downing Street believe that the investigation could determine that the Prime Minister had committed a misleading crime against members of parliament without sufficient evidence.

An ongoing investigation by the Parliamentary Cross-Party Privileges Committee is expected to end sometime in the fall, with four of the seven members being conservative.

Talking to Sky News this morning, Liz Truss was asked if she thought the investigation could reflect the “Kangaroo Court”.

She replied: “No, Congress has these processes. The process has started. We have to wait for the results.”

Truss also emphasized that former Labor Minister Harriet Harman chaired the investigation and “no problems were seen.”

Truss continued to press on BBC Radio 4 today A program in which she “implicitly” trusts the Commission to “listen to the evidence and make the right decisions” on the issue.

She also repeated Johnson’s dismissal that early generals could be detained.

“We are not thinking about it. We are thinking of continuing to work,” she insisted.

The Commission’s chairman, Labor Party Secretary-General Kris Bryant, has exempted the report from overseeing Mr Johnson’s widespread criticism of the “Gate of the Party” case.

Opposition lawmakers accused Johnson of misleading that “all guidance was fully followed at number 10” following comments on December 1.

In April, the Metropolitan Police Department fined both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak for violating Covid’s rules.

The long-awaited May publication of Sugley’s report on the blockade rallies at Downing Street and Whitehall described the events of some staff getting drunk and vomiting, wine spilling on the walls, and aides fighting.

If the Commission finds Johnson guilty of violating the Code of Conduct, he may be suspended by the House of Commons as a penalty.

When a member of parliament is suspended from the House of Commons at least For 10 days after the recommendation of the Standards Committee, its members can prompt a recall petition.

If 10% of the voters in the relevant local constituency sign, the recall position is a mechanism that formally leads to a by-election in the relevant constituency.

Such a process could lead to the dismissal of Boris Johnson as a Conservative member. His 2019 majority of 7,210 people in Uxbridge and South Ruislip is already the smallest of the recent prime ministers.

If Johnson was found guilty but did not face a suspension from the Commons, the MP could be dissatisfied with the impact of the scandal on his role as prime minister and could also send a letter to Sir Graham Brady. I can do it.

In that case, the 1922 Commission may change the rules to require another confidence vote, or Johnson may be required to resign before another vote takes place.

Details to follow

Truss says he won’t face stitch-ups as to whether Johnson misunderstood the Commons

Source link Truss says he won’t face stitch-ups as to whether Johnson misunderstood the Commons

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