Trustee surrenders to union at a care home in North London

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The trade union United Voice of the World (UVW) has declared victory in a dispute with the trustees of the Jewish Care Home Sage Nursing Home in northwest London after three strikes.

As of December 1, certified care workers, domestic and maintenance staff will receive a London living wage, the minimum wage will increase by 11% and all other staff will increase by 5%.

After an emergency meeting by the boss, the widow’s board announced a salary increase Depending on the strike It became national news and last month the trustee office in central London was occupied.

Sage Nursing Homes are private care homes that are registered as charities, some privately funded and some publicly funded.

Bile, Sage’s senior care worker and member of the UVW Executive Committee, said: Thanks to my union, United Voices of the World, my colleagues, and all our supporters. We went even higher to support what was right for us. We know that acting alone cannot be successful, and we understand that there is still a way to go. We need to correct the legacy of injustice in the past and insist on a changing will. May there be work, bread, water, and water for everyone! “

Julia, a certified care worker at Sage and a member of UVW, said: I made the news of ITV and Sky. 70,000 people have signed our petition. Parliamentarians have signed Early Day Motion. We marched on Golders Green and occupied the Freshwater House in central London. I won this victory, but the battle is not over. It is clear that we must continue to fight to get what we want, and what we and our inhabitants deserve. “

UVW’s general secretary, Petros Area, said: Instead, they called their demands unrealistic and their legitimate right to strike as self-destructive. They chose to ignore all attempts by UVW to engage in meaningful and sincere negotiations, and every attempt to resolve the dispute faced obfuscation and delayed tactics.

“But the workers continued to be together. This victory sends clear signals, gathers, organizes and counterattacks to all workers and unions, large and small. Collective action works. This is what the sage-nursing homeworkers of the small grassroots union have done and will continue to do so. “

I was asked to comment by the Sage Nursing Home HealthInvestor UK..

Release date: November 23, 2021

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Trustee surrenders to union at a care home in North London

Source link Trustee surrenders to union at a care home in North London

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