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Two jabs for everyone in the UK, Vaccine Chief says in August or earlier

The Chairman of the UK Vaccines Taskforce states that all adults in the UK have both doses. Coronavirus Vaccine by the end of summer.

Vaccine Emperor Clive Dicks said Sky news People can take two shots “or earlier if needed” by August or September.

The time frame is faster than previously set by the government minister.

Earlier this month, Downing Street confirmed that the vaccine program was targeted at all people over the age of 50 and adults aged 16-65 in risk groups by May.

Alien secretary Dominic Raab Earlier mentioned that all adults in the UK will be provided with the first dose of the vaccine by September.

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Dix, which operates an agency that identifies and purchases vaccines on behalf of the UK government, has also eased concerns that the limited global supply of vaccines could impede the UK’s rapid deployment program.

When asked if he was confident that the Covid-19 vaccine would continue to reach the promised rate for the next three to six months, Dix said:

“We are confident within the Vaccine Task Force as it brings us the supply we are trying to get in a position where the UK can vaccinate as many people as it wants. I will. “

When asked when all adults thought they could take both doses, he said:

Of the 16,122,272 jabs received in the United Kingdom so far, 15,576,107 were the first doses, an increase of 275,956 from the previous day, according to government data up to February 15.

Approximately 546,165 doses were the second dose, an increase of 6,535 doses from the figures announced the day before.

Other developments:

– After new tools identify people at high risk of serious illness and death, nearly two million more people will be told to shield themselves from the serious side effects of Covid-19. I am.

– New data from the Office for National Statistics show that the Covid-19 vaccination program is working as more people show protective antibodies in their blood.

– Individual ONS data show that the number of weekly registered deaths associated with the coronavirus in England and Wales has declined for the first time since Christmas.

– But the numbers also show that more than 1,000 Covid-19 deaths occurred daily in the UK in January for 23 consecutive days.

– Scientists have identified another new variant of the coronavirus that may be involved in the mutation. Public Health England has identified 38 cases of “variants under investigation” known as B.1.525.

– Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced that some Scottish students will return to school from February 22, but the stay-at-home order will continue until at least the beginning of March.

– The surge test will be deployed in part of the Norfolk and Sally walks in Southampton where the South African Covid-19 variant was found and expanded in Manchester.

Two jabs for everyone in the UK, Vaccine Chief says in August or earlier

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