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Two shotguns found hidden in a grassy allocation hut

Two shotguns were found hidden in Crosby’s Municipal Farm yesterday.

Merseyside Police We confirmed that we received a report that a shotgun was found in a grassy farm hut on Mooreland Avenue at around 2:50 pm on Monday, June 20th. Crosby.. After that, police officers attended and searched the area where they found another shotgun hiding.

The single shotgun had shortened ends, the barrel had a cartridge, and the other firearm was a double barrel shotgun. After the weapon was secured, it was legally recovered and is currently under investigation.

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Detective John Murren of the Firearms Investigation Team said: Our officers further investigated the site and found a second hidden shotgun.

A single barrel shotgun found in Crosby’s assignment patch hut

“Recovering both firearms means that there are two less weapons in our city that could have been used to cause fear and intimidation in our community. Emphasizes that criminals hide their weapons in remote areas and even hide the gardens of those who think they will remain hidden without considering the potential for serious injury in the hands of children. doing.”

DI Mullen said: “It is important for residents to check the yard regularly to make sure that criminals do not store weapons on the premises. We know where the weapons are stored and who is using them. Relies on community intelligence to discover.

“If you find something, don’t touch it, call 101. You’ll receive it from there.”

Contact DM @ MerPolCC or @CrimestoppersUK (0800 555 111) for information on the use or storage of weapons.

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Two shotguns found hidden in a grassy allocation hut

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