Two-thirds say work made them sick

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Organizations are more active in helping employees stay healthy, according to reports that two-thirds of employees believe their work is sick or unhealthy. You need to take a sensible approach.
According to a report from occupational health and safety service provider PAM Group, employers do not simply rely on health and welfare apps to support staff self-management, but promote work-life balance and address overwork. We need to do more to create healthy work practices. Condition-although these have a place. In a survey of 1,000 employees commissioned to report on “Heal that work,” 86% agreed that employers were responsible for their well-being, and 62%, with the health and well-being support provided. New job. Mental health continues to be the number one issue affecting employee well-being. 75% said they were very or to some extent affected by stress, 72% were anxious, 64% were depressed, and 20% were highly affected by loneliness and isolation. .. Fatigue and burnout (64%) and work-related stress (63%) were also serious concerns, with more than a quarter of employees diagnosed with clinical anxiety or depression. Physical health concerns are also widespread, with 24% experiencing musculoskeletal concerns and 5% having heart disease. Eight percent of those surveyed say they have experienced a long Covid. Louise Abbs, Managing Director of PAM Wellbeing, said: not l

Two-thirds say work made them sick

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