U.S. Army postpones Microsoft goggles date confirms Reuters commitment to trading

© Reuters. Soldiers wore a prototype of the U.S. Army’s Integrated Visual Enhancement System (IVAS) during a Soldier Touchpoint 3 (STP 3) Squad Reconnaissance Mission Test Training event on October 21, 2020 in Fort Picket, Virginia, U.S.A. To do. The photo was taken on October 21st. 20


Mike Stone and Stephen Nellis

(Reuters)-US Army wears augmented reality glasses on Thursday Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ :) But you’re “fully committed” to contracts with tech companies worth up to $ 21.9 billion.

The Army said it expects the first unit, called the Integrated Vision Enhancement System (IVAS), to be equipped with eyeglasses by September 2022. Army officials had previously stated that they intend to “exercise their capabilities quickly” in Army fiscal year 2021. , Ended on September 30th.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Earlier this week, the defense industry publication Janes reported that the Army was planning to cancel the program. But on Thursday, the Army conducted several tests of the system last month and said it “will perform tests on a regular basis” throughout the 2022 fiscal year.

A Pentagon inspector general began auditing the IVAS system on October 4, saying “to determine if Army authorities are manufacturing and deploying integrated vision enhancement system units that meet capability requirements and user needs.” rice field.

The system integrates multiple technologies such as night and thermal vision with augmented reality from sensors to provide a heads-up display that allows soldiers to fight, rehearse, and train.

The Army said this would improve situational awareness, involvement in targets, and informed decision-making needed for combat.

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U.S. Army postpones Microsoft goggles date confirms Reuters commitment to trading

Source link U.S. Army postpones Microsoft goggles date confirms Reuters commitment to trading

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