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U.S. loses pace in military space race with China

A recently created US senior general of the Space Force warned that Beijing could overtake Washington by 2030. Why does Joe Biden make this possible?

Perhaps the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its acolytes knew exactly what they were buying when they allegedly supported Biden for the US President and implicitly paid his son. Probably. Hunter for the services provided..

Over the weekend, top U.S. generals say China could surpass the United States in the space race by the end of the decade, despite the rapid launch of a new U.S. space commando under President Donald Trump. I warned that there was.

The Trump move showed that the United States is ultimately serious about occupying the hills of space for all visitors.

“Former Speaker of the House, a small but loud group, Newt Gingrich has been active in defending the interests of the United States, and has set up a military base on the moon before global competitors do so. I believe it should be built. ” The New York Times said When the Space Force is discussed and finally approved.

However, President Joe Biden has been elected since the creation of the Space Force last year, and the White House is markedly lacking in the urgency to participate in a military arms race in space with China.

In fact, according to Space Command’s top brass, the pace of competition is now favoring the Chinese Communist Party over the United States, even though it still has an advantage, if not a complete advantage, in space technology. I am.

General David Thompson, Deputy Director of Space Operations for the US Space Force, warned at a senior military leaders’ meeting over the weekend that Beijing is deploying space forces twice as fast as the United States.

“In essence, the fact that they are building, defending, and updating space capabilities at twice the speed of us on average, unless we start accelerating our development and delivery capabilities. Means to surpass us soon, “General Thompson said in a keynote at the Reagan Defense Forum. address“2030 is not an unreasonable estimate,” he added, for China to surpass the United States.

This means that a slight delay in space force development over the next three years when Biden will become president would be very difficult. As others have pointed out, the administration is worried about the new power they consider to be Trump’s baby.As the Atlantic put it: “Now that Trump is gone, the new administration has realized that it needs to embrace some of the government that is saturated with MAGA spins and despised by the left and make it look normal as it really is. “

This indifference to the mission and needs of the Space Force is worried about many military top brasses, especially as the US military’s capabilities are more dependent on space-based capabilities such as satellites than China.

“China could soon take out U.S. sensors to reach preemptive capabilities in space,” said Thompson, deputy chief of operations. “That’s one of the reasons the Space Force was created. ” Reported Axios..

So how does the president delay the development of the space force?

If you suspect that Biden couldn’t weaken even a little, ask yourself why Vice President Kamala Harris oversees the launch of HQ through the National Space Council. The National Space Council develops the White House’s comprehensive policy on space. “US Space Priority Framework.. “

As the White House has repeatedly said, this is what the Space Force says.Direct supervisionIn “Harris’s”, “The new administration’s top priorities: economics, inclusion, climate change, and the realization of global leadership.”

Note that defense against China is missing from these top priorities.

This looks like Harris’s other responsibility, a policy of outer space that functions like the southern border of the country.

Soon, all the CCP will have to do to invade the United States is to arrive from space and seek work, housing, and social support. The problem has been resolved.

This is the same vice president 52% of Americans don’t trust To do her job. To make matters worse, her colleagues do not trust her to work. “Kamara Harris’ office is upset by the outflow of senior staff, raising further questions about her political future and management style.” The British Times said Over the weekend, he quoted a new poll showing that Harris’ approval was only 28% among voters.

So why does Biden trust her when voters and colleagues don’t? Simply put, he wouldn’t believe she would do a good job at all.

But just The administration was anxious to break the legislation The White House doesn’t seem to care if the United States loses the space race with China, as Chinese Communists hold to explain their slave labor practices.

Sometimes we have to accept things at face value. When things look bad on the surface of it, they’re probably really that bad.

For most accounts, Biden and Harris can’t stand on each other.. With many accounts, Biden gave Harris a portfolio of problems He knows she will fail.According to many explanations, Vice President Harris comes across as someone Lazy, not ready for briefing, not ready Doing Yeoman’s job of launching a legitimate and credible military force.

Politicians often appoint former rivals who were disliked to the post and actively undermine them to ensure they fail. understood. But when these trivial personal conflicts threaten the country’s best interests and cancel the US’s current space benefits over Chinese enemies, it’s time to think again.

It’s annoying to see that space policy, which was booming by the Trump administration last year, is now declining under Biden. He is giving Beijing exactly what it wants.


U.S. loses pace in military space race with China

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