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UK discusses Pfizer Covid vaccine supply issue

According to Nicola Sturgeon, there are discussions between the four UK countries on one “restricted” supply of the coronavirus vaccine.

The prime minister said he would continue talks “in the next few days” to see if there was a way to increase the supply of Pfizer vaccine.

Health Minister Humza Yusuf said that Pfizer doses could impact the development of vaccination programs after warning that they would be “especially tight” in the coming weeks.

Yousaf has already written to UK counterpart Matt Hancock about what happened after the Joint Vaccination and Vaccination Commission advised that people under the age of 40 should not use the AstraZeneca vaccine. writing.

After a meeting of the British-Irish Council on Friday, where political leaders from all over Britain and Ireland came together, Ms. Sturgeon said:

“We know that variants of Delta (India) accelerate the transmission of this virus, so we must do everything possible to ensure that vaccination is done at a controlled pace.

“Vaccination is going very well in all four countries, but as in the past, we are approaching a time when vaccine supply will be further restricted, and the next few years will look like Pfizer. ..

“Remember that Pfizer is currently dependent on vaccines under the age of 40. Those who previously used Pfizer will be given a second dose, so with all four jurisdictions. Discuss and make sure you are doing what you can to maximize the supplies available from the manufacturer and use those supplies as effectively and efficiently as possible.

“These are discussions that will take place through this vaccination program over the next few days.”

UK discusses Pfizer Covid vaccine supply issue

Source link UK discusses Pfizer Covid vaccine supply issue

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