UK proposed data and ICO reforms are surprisingly in favor of regulation

The UK has expanded its commitment to establish a new data regime based on “common sense” rather than “box ticks” and explained its plans in more detail. Information Committee Secretariat Overhaul (ICO).

The story of “common sense” follows the Conservative policy, but the plan does not seem to (completely) come from the ideas of Brexit supporters. There is a commitment to maintain public security and privacy, and suggestions to ease it. Algorithm bias in AI systems.

new consultation It will run until November 19th. A new governance model for the ICO, including independent boards and chief executive officers that reflect the governance structure of other UK regulatory agencies such as the Competitive Markets Authority (CMA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), as well as data reforms. It covers. And Ofcom.

This sounds good, but the ICO is a respected data regulator, and governments need to be careful that their independence is not compromised by their desire to drive growth.

Regarding growth, there was concern that the UK’s proposed approach of abandoning “bureaucratic formalism” around the data could reduce personal privacy. However, the clear purpose of the plan is to put protection “at the heart of planned data reform.” “Far from innovation and trade barriers, regulatory certainty and high data protection standards enable businesses and consumers to thrive,” the proposal said.

One of our goals is to “strengthen our corporate responsibility to keep personal information safe, while empowering our growth and innovation.” Of course, it remains to be seen if the plan will survive contact with the real world.

The statement continued, adding that the new proposal “maintains the UK’s world-leading data protection standards” and is built on “key factors.” UK GDPR When Data protection law.. These include principles regarding data processing, citizens’ data rights, and supervisory and enforcement mechanisms.

The reform will change certain elements of the current approach, such as the same rules that apply to sole proprietors as international giants. The government says the reform will “allow organizations to demonstrate compliance in a way that suits their situation better.”

Bojana Bellamy, Chairman of the Information Policy Leadership Center, a global information policy think tank, said:

“There is no doubt that some aspects of the GDPR are not working well and some areas are uselessly ambiguous. For example, the rules of data use in scientific and industrial research and innovation are cumbersome to search and analyze. Data for these beneficial purposes; it is difficult to use personal data to train AI algorithms to avoid bias; personal data to data processing Consent has become meaningless due to overuse; and international data flows are sneaking into the red tape. “

“These reforms will secure people’s data, while entering a new golden age of growth and innovation across the UK and facilitating a recovery from the pandemic,” said Oliver Dowden, a digital secretary. ..

UK proposed data and ICO reforms are surprisingly in favor of regulation

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