UK requires reporting of ethnic wage disparities

UK professionals are calling for mandatory reporting of ethnic wage disparities to improve workplace equality.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Education (CIPD) said it has conducted a survey showing that 13 FTSE 100 companies are currently reporting wage disparities between ethnic groups.

The Human Resources Staff membership has also launched a guide to help employers collect and analyze data.

According to CIPD, some of the UK’s top companies voluntarily report ethnic wage inequality, despite many companies condemning racism and discrimination following the 2020 Black Lives Matter protest. doing.

According to CIPD CEO Peter Cheese, ethnic wage reporting allows businesses and their stakeholders to assess whether and where ethnicity-based inequality exists in the workforce. I think it is an “important means”.

“It’s nice to see some organizations voluntarily report national compensation, but it’s clear that progress is slow and the reports are very inconsistent,” he said.

“Some companies only report data, while others report commitments without sharing the data behind them.”

Cheese said reporting on gender wage inequality “promoted increased transparency and accelerated progress,” adding that he believes the same is necessary for reporting ethnic wages.

“Obligatory reporting of data, and related stories that show data understanding and actions taken to improve both ethnicity and gender wages, create a fairer workplace and society and are true. It helps to start the change, “he added.

March, Racial Disparity Committee We have published the recommendations Advice to the government, including advice to businesses and public bodies to avoid using the term BAME to describe blacks, Asians, and minority ethnic groups.

Sado Jirde, head of the Black South West Network (BSWN), said at the time that the government was: You should not be distracted by semantics You need to enclose the term and instead make “measurable” changes to address systematic inequality.

Taranjit Chana of the GMB union said that reports of ethnic wage inequality are not about quotas or box ticks, but about “fairness and general human dignity.”

She states: “Why are only 6% of the NHS’s top jobs and 3% of police chiefs black, Asian and ethnic minority workers?

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“The UK has an urgent need for legally mandated ethnic wage inequality to address this widespread inequality.”

A government spokesperson said: “Building a fairer economy means ensuring that British organizations reflect national diversity. The Racial and Ethnic Disparity Commission is independent, including recommendations on national wage reporting. The report was published earlier this year.

“We are reviewing the Commission’s findings on this issue, along with feedback to consultations on this issue and other work, and will eventually respond to the Commission’s report.”

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UK requires reporting of ethnic wage disparities

Source link UK requires reporting of ethnic wage disparities

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